7 Ways to Dress Up Your Staircase

Written By Alla Levin
December 08, 2021
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7 Ways to Dress Up Your Staircase

During the Holidays, it’s easy to dress up your home’s staircase. Wrap the railings with garland. Then tie bows on the banister. To pull the look together, place your Christmas tree next to the staircase. For the other 11 months, you need to find other ways to decorate it. Consider flipping through some design magazines and online pictures to find inspiration. Also, take a look at the rest of your home, or at least the immediate area around it.

It makes sense to keep the interior design cohesive. If you decorated your home in a rustic country, minimalist modern, or coastal Hamptons, expand that decor to the stairway. The following are seven ways to dress up your staircase.

Add Paint

A new coat of paint has a way of making anything old look new again. Individuals who want to give their staircase new life can paint the steps. Others paint the walls, banister, and railing. You can match the color to the rest of the home or go with a contrasting color.

If smokers live in the home, add a new coat of paint once every two to three years. Otherwise, most individuals re-paint once every five years on average as part of their home’s maintenance.

Hang FramesDress Up Your Staircase

To dress up the path that leads from your ground floor to the second, hang frames along it. All those family pictures that you have taken over the years finally have display space.

If you want to display art, awards, and plaques, this is a great space for it. The bedrooms are usually situated on the second floor in most homes. Thus, guests don’t have too many reasons to climb the stairs.

However, if you don’t mind turning the steps into a hangout place, hanging the above items dresses it up and gives guests something to admire.

Add a Stain Finish

To dress up the staircase, assess its current state. Plus, take a look at how it’s currently adorned. If it’s just a series of wooden steps that have lost their luster, consider adding a finish.

Sanding and a staining finish make wood look new. Professionals recommend this technique for renewing their outdoor decks. Your indoor steps see far less wear and tear. But if you want to make them look new again, use the staining finish.

Staining the stairs is a nice DIY project. It takes 72 hours for the stain to completely dry. Once the project is complete, you’ll find that the stairs looked dressed up without additional effort.

Light it Up

All staircase types benefit from lighting, especially in the evening hours. Lights continue to become more functional and beautiful. Lighting adds texture. It can also highlight items that you place in nooks. Lighting options include recessed stair lights, LED light strips, and uplights. If your home consists of open risers, it’s possible to light under them for optimal visibility at night. Remember that you can create moods with these lights too.

Opt for Wallpaper

If you’re not sure how to decorate the staircase, opt for wallpaper. There is no shortage of wallpaper designs. You can pick something simple or something ornate. Once you add it to the walls along the stairs, there’s very little additional decorating needed.

Before you start your wallpaper search, narrow down your options. Professionals estimate that 17 groups of wallpaper exist because 17 plane symmetry groups exist. You can also opt for a single color with few details.

Place a Stair RunnerPlace a Stair Runner

When you can decorate any part of your home with pieces that multitask, it’s a great idea. Runners are commonly placed on dining room tables. They dress them up on their own. Runners also serve as a base for other table decorations such as flower vases.

Runners work on staircase steps too. Like lighting, a runner can dress up a staircase on its own.

The type of stairs often determines their material. If you have open risers, you can carpet them, although it’s tricky. Stair runners work best on closed risers. You can place the runner over carpet or wood.

To decorate with a runner, speak with professionals. The task requires some measuring. Lawrence of La Brea offers staircase runner service. It always helps to receive advice from professionals.

Pick a Theme

If you’re not sure how to decorate the staircase, pick a theme. Then use the theme’s elements as a guide. Themes pull a look together. You can hang pictures along the stairway. To make them cohesive, pick matching frame borders.

Some individuals go as far as creating a world around this space. For example, they’ll paint the railing, banister, and steps an ocean blue. Then they paint the walls beige to resemble sand. Lastly, they add white accents with art.


When you tackle one area of your home to redecorate, you can treat it like its own ecosystem. It gives you time to focus on the details. The staircase is an important element in a home. Guests do notice it. As you dress it up, use the area to display pictures, art, and a beautiful stair runner.

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