Christmas in Mykonos, Humble and Glamorous

Written By Alla Levin
December 13, 2021

Christmas in Mykonos, Humble, and Glamorous (That’s how unique Mykonos is!)

It might not be beach-perfect temps, and the glorious summer sky may interchange with grey clouds, but still, winter Mykonos has a heartfelt magnetic appeal to it. Like a true Queen of the Cyclades, Mykonos knows how to allure and pamper those that pay their tributes to her majesty year-round!

In fact, the slow winter months are ideal for enjoying the island’s scenery and the incredibly tranquil vibe that makes Mykonos the perfect place for relaxation and reflection. It’s also the time of the year when you can savor the world-famous Mykonian hospitality now that the locals are stress-free and quite rested from the high season and the thousands of tourists coming to the island.

And, with Christmas being a breath away, you also have the opportunity to partake in seasonal festivities and witness centuries-old traditions and customs revealing the most authentic face of Mykonos. Here is what to expect from spending your Christmas holidays in Mykonos!

Christmas customs in Mykonos – An unforgettable mix of joy and spirituality Christmas customs in Mykonos

Greece, and its islands, in particular, celebrate Christmas with a long series of festivities exuding devoutness and elation. On Christmas Eve, children go from one home to another and ask the homeowner whether to sing the carols for them or not!

At the same time, the island slips into its festive dress, decorating a small wooden model boat rather than the typical tree we all know of, symbolizing the island’s strong ties with the sea. The town squares, windows, alleys, and houses across the island are decorated with lights and Christmas adornments. At the same time, multiple cultural events take place at the Old Port, creating a joyful ambiance.

Christmas Day finds families together and enjoying a Lucullan feast with local wine and flavors. As for visitors, they get the pampering expected from the local restaurants and tavernas with palate-pleasing Christmas specials and lots of live music, drinking, and singing!

And, just before your stomach manages to digest the flavorsome Christmas meal, the Saint Stefanos festivities arrive. On December 27, the locals celebrate the namesake Agios Stefanos by going to the Saint Stefanos church and then throwing themselves to dancing and singing after the liturgy. If you are fortunate enough and be around during that time, you’ll be surrounded by violins and bagpipes urging anybody feeling merry to join the Cycladic rhythms until the wee hours!

Think this is it? On New Year’s Day, the labyrinth-like streets of Mykonos Town get filled with adults and children’s choirs singing the traditional New Year’s carols before everyone feasts on delicious honey pies, onion pies, meat roast, and some green foods or cabbage to attract abundance and wealth!

Hang on. We have one more celebration on the 6th of January! On Epiphany Day, everybody gathers at the harbor after the liturgy for the Blessings of the Water ceremony. There, they watch the most daring ones diving into the chilly waters to retrieve the Holy Cross.

It is believed that the person who manages to get the cross first will be showered with good luck throughout the New Year. On the same day, there is more traditional dancing as folk musicians play island tunes to celebrate the commencement of the nautical period with a custom called Balosia!

Whether you choose to come to Mykonos and celebrate Christmas at your luxury villa with a festive dinner prepared by your chef (as part of the concierge services you may have opted for) or share toasts with locals at an elegant restaurant, your luggage will fill with everlasting memories of a magical time that should be lived at least once in a lifetime!

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