Why Accurate Estimates Are About Live Construction Cost Data?

Written By Alla Levin
December 13, 2021

Why Accurate Estimates Are About Live Construction Cost Data?

The sharpest question of the construction market players is to avoid cost overrun risks. This is about the win-win strategy when all the bids turn out to become extremely profitable for the building company. But what practices will lead the constructor to the sound performance?

First of all, it is important to pick sides with the digital solutions that will promote accurate estimates and prevent cost overrun of the building project. For this purpose, it is recommended to choose the best-matching constructor estimating software that will provide calculations based on live construction cost data, not the historical one.

Why Live Construction Cost Data?

Poor cost estimations start with the focus on historical cost data entries with neglection of live showings. Remember that there are ever-changing spending patterns that should be taken into consideration by the estimators of the building company. These are some constituents of the real budget and the portfolio of live construction cost data.

Among the most variable factors of the construction process including its initial stages like budget planning and the pre-construction preparations are:

  • Material pricing;
  • Labor and rental costs;
  • Shipping and permit charges;
  • Seasonality of works;
  • Raw material orders, etc.

This way, it is possible to state that about 80% of the expenditures of the construction company are far from permanent. That is why the orientation of the contractors on their historical construction data is the most common misconception. Both labor and material markets should be regularly monitored to specify live pricing plans and detect rising costs timely.

Accuracy of Estimating Matters for the Construction Project LifecycleConstruction Project Lifecycle

One more reason to rule by the live construction cost data is the opportunity to get exceptionally accurate estimates. It is worth noting that each building company can opt for the precise measurements and calculations if it switches from the historical data entries to live-based showings.

For example, the price of raw materials like wood bounced by 150% in 2018. It means that historical construction data can misrepresent important entries and bring inaccurate budget plans when it comes to bulk orders of timber and Xylo.

For modern contractors, historical data is about outdated information that is risky for medium-sized and large-scale projects with dangerous cost overruns. But even small construction companies can face serious problems if their labor, shipping, or material costs are distorted.

Estimating Software as the Efficient Tool for Decision Making

To decrease the contractor’s risk, special-purpose estimating tools and bidding software are used by construction companies. These digital solutions can become a number one assistant when it comes to financial decision-making practices. Among the main benefits of estimating and bidding software in the context of struggle against the cost overrun are:

  • Provision of critical insights;
  • Avoiding poor cost estimations;
  • Simplification of estimators’ routine work;
  • 100% accuracy of providing insights;
  • Performing live construction cost estimation;
  • Realizing the real entire construction project lifecycle.

It is reasonable to invest in automated digital solutions that improve the performance of the estimators and save construction of unexpected expenditures together with cost overruns. Some building companies are still sure of the exceptional accuracy of manual estimates.

But the big volumes of work and very important orders dictate new rules with the presence of automation for construction estimating. You exclude the human factor and known risky commitment to historical cost data.

Decrease the possibility of inaccurate estimations and holes in the budget with innovative approaches like using bidding and estimating software for building businesses. Your work should be profitable and bring sound revenues. Pay attention to details and rely on modern estimating tools to win all the attractive bids.

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