What Are the Requirements to Become an NT Firefighter?

Written By Alla Levin
December 18, 2021

What Are the Requirements to Become an NT Firefighter?

Although, most firefighters see themselves as humble public servants. In the real sense, they are heroes. Our heroes. They might not have a secret cape just like Wayne Bruce (Batman) or web strings like Spiderman. But they rescue people in a fire disaster when all hope is gone. With gadgets, equipment, and adequate training, they have been able to rise to different challenges. If you want to learn more about what are the requirements to become a firefighter then visit this page.

Chances are you reside in the Northern Territory in Australia and dream of becoming a firefighter? Look no further as you are about to learn all the requirements to become an NT firefighter. But before we get down to it. Here’s how to get started with the NT firefighter recruitment process.

How to Get Started With the NT Firefighter Recruitment Process

For the NT firefighter recruitment process, applicants are required to have complete documents with them. Failure to do so equates that your application will not be considered. You can get started by applying online. All you just need to do is visit act fire and rescue recruitment and that will take you to the self-declaration brief physical and criminal overview. You are required to input correct data. Below are other recruitment processes.

  • When the aforementioned stage is complete, applicants will be asked to come to the cardiovascular challenge also known as the BEEP test. Here, a 9.6 level has to be attained to move to the next process.
  • Applicants that attained the 9.6 level will be invited for a written assessment. The assessment involves psychological and academic tests. To move to the next stage of the recruitment process, applicants have to meet up with the required characteristics and academics. Those that didn’t make the cut can reapply after a year they have the written assessment.
  • Acceptable candidates will be invited for the Physical Aptitude Test (PAT). For this recruitment process, applicants will be asked to fill a pre-test form before they can partake in PAT. Likewise, those that did not measure will be duly noted. They can re-apply after a year.
  • Those that made it to the next stage will be asked to come for the interview. At this stage, nominated and current employees can be contacted to provide references. Also, the criminal record of each candidate will be reviewed here.
  • Lastly, the acceptable candidate will be asked to visit a health care provider for a thorough medical assessment.

The requirement to Become an NT FirefighterThe requirement to Become an NT Firefighter

  • Applicants must be Australian citizens. Or perhaps has permanent resident status. Those with New Zealand citizenship are also eligible.
  • Must have no criminal record. It is paramount to note that any past offenses may or may not affect your application.
  • They are required to be healthy and fit.
  • Must have either one of these qualifications. A Senior Secondary Education Certificate, a Tertiary Qualification, or a completed Trade Certificate.
  • Must be able to show employment experience of at least two years.
  • Must have a First Aid certificate
  • Must have life skills and interaction with people
  • Must have a heavy rigid driver’s license and the ability to operate manual vehicles.

What are the Duties of an NT Firefighter?

The recruitment process for the NT Firefighter role can be competitive and challenging. And that is quite understandable when you know what the job entails. The role of an NT firefighter requires physical, emotional, and mental strength. Being an NT firefighter equates to the lives of the Territorians being in your hands. Before you apply, it is paramount that you want to become an NT firefighter for the right reason. To serve and protect. Below are some of the duties of an NT firefighter.

  • It requires vigorous and physical activity.
  • Sometimes you have to work in a humid and hot environment.
  • The job comes with wearing protective clothing and other kinds of apparatus.
  • An NT firefighter must respond and react swiftly to emergency calls at any time. Day and night.
  • It requires attending to difficult situations that include injured, distressed, and deceased people.
  • And lastly, you will be asked to work on weekends, public holidays for major emergencies.

Requirements to Become an NT Firefighter: Conclusion

Being an NT Firefighter is a job that comes with many challenges. But it can also be a rewarding lifestyle. They are trusted with the responsibility of operating in challenging and stressful situations. Sometimes, there are injured people and those who lose their lives in these missions. It’s safe to say that the job can be psychologically and physically demanding. But it’s how you can effect positive change in the community.

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