How to Find Jobs in France The Best Work Guide

Written By Alla Levin
December 22, 2020

How to Find Jobs in France

If you plan to move to France and get a job there, you must know how to find one that boosts your professional profile. Seeking employment in another country can be quite challenging if you haven’t acquired the requisite knowledge about how and where to search for relevant jobs. Given below is a stepwise guide to assist you in finding a good job in France:

Do the Necessary Paperwork

When migrating to another country, the first thing should be to prepare your documents. Though most people tend to complete the formalities like visa, working permits, etc., at the last stage, it is better to do all this beforehand to avoid last-minute stress. The verification process is usually more stringent than expected. So, ensure you have your payslips, health card, photocopies of your passport, and other mandatory papers.

Make your CV in a French way

Just like the rules of etiquette vary from country to country, so does the style of CV. Remember that the French prefer using the word ‘Curriculum Vitae (CV)’ instead of résumé. Also, they need your CV to be brief and to the point. Traditionally, it should be one page long if you are applying to a junior position and a maximum of two pages in case of a senior post. Besides, they expect a cover letter along with your CV.

Learn about Popular IndustriesHow to Find Jobs in France

There are several industries in France, yet some are more flourishing than others. The popular sectors of any country offer most jobs with lucrative prospects. If you see a long-term future in France, you may seek employment in the following industries:

  •       Finance & Banking;
  •       IT & Telecommunications;
  •       Automobile;
  •       Media & Entertainment;
  •       Energy & Transportation;
  •       Fashion & Luxury goods;
  •       Food & Pharmaceuticals.

Know the Best Job Websites and Agencies

Whether looking for English-speaking or non-English-speaking jobs, France-based, certain credible websites and agencies inform you about the current openings. Search for a suitable job at the following French sites:

  •       The Local;
  •       Keljob;
  •       Cadre Emploi;
  •       L’Etudiant.

The Local lists explicitly jobs in France for English speakers. Apart from the above websites, you can take the help of French agencies like APEC and Pôle Emploi.

Invest Time in Networking

Participate in online and offline networking events organized for employment opportunities in France whenever possible. You can also join social media groups that provide information about the same. Through sites like LinkedIn, you may contact like-minded individuals and recruiters.

Finally, familiarize yourself with the job scenario of your sector, and prepare for the interview. There is no dearth of jobs in France for English speakers; however, the country lacks several skilled people. In other words, it would benefit you if you focus on strengthening your skillset.

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