Tips and Tricks to Crack Class 5 IMO

Written By Alla Levin
December 29, 2021

Tips and Tricks to Crack Class 5 IMO

As the competition is increasing, so is the pressure of studies. So much so that it has become necessary to start the preparation from an early age. There is no scope for leaving a gap or missing out on anything. The definition of excellence is being enhanced every day, and to keep up with this terrific pace, one must give everything they have. Hence, to prepare the students for these cutthroat competition exams, International Mathematics Olympiad is being conducted. 

With every passing year, the students are put in front of new challenges in every new class. These barriers make them stronger to face what the future will have for them down the line. Class 5 is the root phase upon which to build the stem and branches. And it entirely depends on this phase that how one will blossom in the upcoming time.

Mathematics, as a subject, here plays one of the critical roles in the making of a successful career. It is a crucial subject and is given much importance by the different schools, institutions, testing agencies, and job centers. There remains only one way to get beyond mathematics: excelling in it. Though it sounds a bit tough, it is not proper preparation – that is, if one excels in maths in every class from the very beginning.

The International Mathematics Olympiad helps the students build a solid base and have a firm grip on the fundamentals of mathematics. It prepares the students for the challenges of the coming years and keeps them ahead of their respective levels.

In class 5, the IMO exam plays a very crucial role. This is when the syllabus takes a slight turn from simple to complex mathematics. The students come across new chapters, new methods, and different subject aspects. This is also the phase that promotes the growth of thinking and reasoning abilities. So, here are a few tips for the Class 5 students on how they can crack the IMO exam.

Knowing What Is New in the SyllabusKnowing What Is New in the Syllabus

Success in every exam requires the students’ thoroughly knowing and following the syllabus. The same rule applies to IMO. Observing the syllabus is the first duty of the students of Class 5 IMO aspirants. While doing this, they will come across some common topics that are already done in the previous class and some new ones that will trigger their curiosity.

This curiosity is important for the IMO aspirants, and it comes when they find little pieces of success in every step. It dilates their interests in the subject, an essential element, and gives them the courage to solve different mathematical problems. Though IMO class 5 is the same as the Board syllabus, here is still given a list that comprises the names of all the chapters.

  1. Concept of Geometry
  2. Factors and Multiples
  3. Number System
  4. Addition and Subtraction
  5. Multiplication and Division
  6. Measurement
  7. Factors and Decimals
  8. Logical Reasoning
  9. Data Handling

The International Mathematics Olympiad evaluates the students based on their mathematical and reasoning abilities. Hence, all the syllabus chapters have equal weightage in the exam. The students are required to master the fundamentals and broaden their capacity for solving a variety of mathematical problems. 

Crack class 5 IMO: Following the Best Books Available

To help the students further in excelling in the subject, the renowned mathematician and scholars compose IMO Class 5 books. This book follows the syllabus stipulated by different school boards and includes the correct curriculum for the students. IMO Class 5 book is student-friendly in its use of language and makes it easier and more enjoyable for the students to study.

This book provides excellent sets of questions that help the students clear all the concepts and understand various approaches to a question. It also includes answer keys at the end of every chapter to analyze their solutions. Apart from that, the students are suggested to follow NCERT Class 5 Maths too. This book provides the students with all the basic concepts to excel in mathematics in a highly comprehensible manner. Similar to the IMO book, NCERT, too, comes with different practice sets. 

Practice and Revision and Previous Years’ PapersPractice and Revision and Previous Years' Papers

To excel in maths, one must practice each chapter of the syllabus meticulously. Only in this way, one can have clear concepts of all the topics and a firm grip of the fundamentals. Both of these are essential to crack an exam like IMO. Next on the list is revision. Yes, I am practicing the questions once is not enough. Human brains are not created to remember all the diverse information.

That’s why frequent revisions are necessary to remember different methods, tables, and different types of questions that can help them tackle all kinds of questions in the exam. Lastly, previous years’ papers of IMO class 5 are not, in any way, to be ignored. While solving the previous years’ papers, the students can have a peek into the exam hall experience.

They can understand the standard of questions and also how to manage time to solve as many as possible. Sometimes, a few questions can come in the exam directly from the previous years’ papers. To make it easier for the students, here is the IMO Class 5 2016 Question Paper. It is a good point to start and then proceed towards the last year’s paper. 

IMO Class 5 exams are being conducted both annually and monthly. Annual IMO exams take place in December and February. The question paper offers 50 MCQs to be solved in 45 minutes. Monthly IMO exams can be taken at any time as per one’s convenience. This IMO is intended to prepare the students regularly, to prepare them for both the annual school exam and the annual IMO. Monthly IMO offers 30 questions to be solved in 25 minutes. 

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