Types Marketing You Need To Invest in To Promote Business

Written By Alla Levin
January 12, 2022
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Types Marketing You Need To Invest in To Promote Your Business

The digital marketing industry is evolving at breakneck speed, giving birth to more types of marketing. Most businesses or brands are using a combination of these types of advertising to attract customers and target audiences, and make more sales. Your business should not be left out.  

From video marketing to search engine marketing, as a business owner, you need to be familiar with each tactic and implement them to promote your business. Read on to learn about the trending types of marketing to invest in.

Video Marketing

According to research, using videos by marketers as a marketing strategy has a positive Return On Investment for their businesses. Video marketing involves creating videos by brands to tell a story about various aspects of their business. Such videos, which can be made using an ad design platform, aim at a specific target audience who will remember the brand when they experience a purchasing need.

You can create brand videos for either your website, YouTube channel, email list or social media following. With these videos, you help boost brand awareness for your business. Additionally, there are various video marketing apps that you can use to create videos. Such apps allow you to analyze, nurture and score leads.

Social Media MarketingSocial Media Marketing

To engage with your audience and customers on a more personal basis, use reliable social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to promote your company. First, however, you need to stay consistent and maintain relevance in your content.

Also, note that creating a balance between promotion and entertainment is essential. Customers do not log into social media only when looking for a purchase. Therefore, focus on creating compelling images and captions that engage your audience-liking, sharing, and commenting.

Remaining consistent with posting content is what keeps your audience coming back. In addition, posting content regularly encourages your followers to invest in your brand. You can use several social media tools to make publishing content on social media platforms easy.

Content Marketing

This type of marketing is one of the best ways to attract your target audience. Content marketing involves creating, publishing, and distributing content to your loyal and potential customers through free and gated channels like blogs, eBooks, webinars, videos, and social media platforms.

Here, the goal is to provide an easy way for your customers when making purchases from you. First, identify any concerns your customers may have about your products. Then, create a calendar that will help you create, edit and manage your content. Also, you will have it easy when publishing if you have a content marketing system (CMS).

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)Search Engine Marketing

SEM includes all tactics to ensure that your business ranks higher on the search engine results pages(SERPs). With Search Engine Marketing, your business will be among the first spots when a user searches some keywords.

You can apply either of the two types of SEM, namely

  • SEO
  • PPC (pay-per-click) advertising

With SEO, you familiarize yourself with search engine ranking factors and produce content for search engines using specific keywords. SEO is a good Search Engine Marketing option as it draws more organic traffic to your content, hence your brand’s organic visibility.

On the other hand, PPC involved bidding on keywords on Google Ads to get your ads placed. While advertising with PPC, you will pay a fee each time a user clicks on one of your ads. In addition, there are ads management tools you can use to make creating and managing pay per click ads easier.

Types of Marketing to Invest in to Promote Business: Traditional Marketing

Before the rise of the internet, businesses promoted their brands using offline channels such as billboards, flyers, and radio spots. You have probably seen a number of these along the highways or major roads where there is constant traffic.

As outdated as it may seem, investing in traditional marketing is still effective in promoting your business for the following reasons:

  • You can create a connection with your local audience
  • The promotional materials you use for advertising are sustainable, contributing to your sustainability business strategies and ultimately helping you reduce expenses.
  • You establish credibility and trust within your customers
  • You will reach a more diverse audience with traditional marketing
  • The hardcopy materials used are easier to process and put up

Outbound marketingOutbound marketing

Think cold calling, email blasts, purchased lists, print ads, or any other intrusive promotion tools with outbound marketing. People call this type of marketing  “outbound” because it involves pushing a message to consumers to raise awareness of your brand, regardless of the consumers’ interests.

However, this type of marketing is just as outdated as traditional marketing. Moreover, it is pretty costly, and you might experience a low ROI. For this reason, most businesses are shifting to inbound marketing discussed hereafter:

Inbound Marketing

This type of marketing is a business methodology that creates content or social media tactics that spread brand awareness to your audience. Here, you create valuable content and tailor experiences to your audience. Think eBooks, topical blogs, SEO website text, viral videos, and web-based seminars (Webinars).

Simply put, it is the process of helping potential customers get acquainted with your brand. Inbound marketing is advantageous to your business due to a number of reasons:

  • There is a reduction in expenses used for promoting your products or services;
  • Higher trust and credibility from your audience;
  • You get constant quality traffic;
  • The regular attraction of new potential customers;
  • There is the conversion of visitors into leads and ultimately nurturing them into customers;
  • You entertain and delight your customers.

Influencer MarketingInfluencer Marketing

You have probably heard about influencer marketing– a tactic where companies partner with an influencer to access an existing community of engaged followers on social media platforms.

To get started, you must first build a solid influencer marketing strategy and the type of influencer you are interested in. Then, create criteria to ensure your influencer of choice aligns with your system and budget. Consider factors like the influencer’s niche, the number of followers they can reach, and their current metrics.

Types Marketing To Invest in To Promote Business: Conclusion

With the rise of several types of marketing, know that there is no right or wrong way of promoting your brand. You are set to create brand awareness for your business as long as your way of marketing connects with your audience, and in turn, generates a higher ROI.

Moreover, consider combining various types of marketing discussed above to reach and attract potential customers. Keep in mind that you will want to make the most sense for your business while advertising based on factors like your product, audience, and resources.

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