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Which Search Ranking Factors Do Not Impact Ranking Directly

With relevant content that is highly useful for the audience, you rank in the top results in Google SERPs. You also need carefully constructed pages and fast-loading websites to get a search ranking for various projects.

Webmasters need to understand that it’s not a question that the search engines want to evaluate your content based on equally important factors.  These search engine evaluation tips will help you understand the guidelines for evaluating content quality. Every piece will have its unique impact on the ranking. You need to consider each piece of content.

Though most readers understand that there are 200 ranking factors that Google uses to evaluate the outcomes for search queries, you might not know that not all these factors impact the rankings in the same way. There are some which directly impact the Google search engine rankings. And others do not have a direct impact on the rankings. But, surely, in combination with each other, you can find an impact.

Website owners, whether they are small businesses or others, want to evaluate all these points strongly. An insight into the functioning of the ranking factors will help SEO experts and website owners understand how you can achieve top search engine rankings.

You must be clear about certain things while going for the search engine optimization process—a crucial factor for ranking higher in search engines for improving the content quality. You get the most high-quality links when influencers link back to your content.

The features which make the content highly effective are:

  • Inclusion of Data;
  • Usefulness for the audience;
  • Inclusion of facts.

Now, let‘s come to the other characteristics which you need to check. And also understand how exactly they affect and what are the wrong perceptions about their influence.

On-Page SEOOn-Page SEO

On-page SEO is not only related to targeting certain keywords. Rather, it is about giving the users a great experience as they visit your site. However, every content piece you use will have a fair usage of keywords. It is the user intent that is the most important.

As some experts at SEO Experts Company India put it, SEO is primarily all about users’ experience and only secondarily about the search engines.

Meta Tags with Keywords

There are various things you can do to improve your rankings. But, it will help you in several ways, like it will improve your organic traffic. But, it is not as important as the site speed. If your meta-descriptions comprise all the primary keywords but the site does not have the right speed, it won’t have a significant impact on your site’s ranking.

Still, many webmasters are obsessed with keywords. If you invest time in understanding your audience, it will help you more. Similarly, it’s not helpful to stuff keywords in the content. However, meta tags signify what a page tells the audience. Due to this, the meta description can have a positive impact on rankings. But, on the whole, there is no correlation between stuffing 50 keywords in meta tags and top ranking.

Keywords in Alt Image TextKeywords in Alt Image Text

For this, one must first understand what alt text is. Alt-text is the text that displays pictures when users decide to turn off images or if the images take a longer time to load. It is not the same as the regular title.

It is quite different from image text which is short, catchy, relevant, attractive, and concise. Using the same description with keywords in the alt text will keep the spiders from moving around on your page. You should offer a more explicit alt description in place of using the same thing as in the image title. Experts at an established SEO Company India suggest that the other factors affecting the alt text description are the inbound links to the page having the image is published and your specific images and also the subject matter accompanying it.

If the alt text helps the user understand your message better, it will naturally fetch more traffic, more inbound links, and more.

Using Schema Markup

Though it is a popular notion that Schema markup will help the search engines get a greater understanding of the web page, it will not necessarily be relevant and useful for the audience.

Unless the basic conditions are satisfied in page content, it won’t help to prove page rank. The same thing applies to the rich snippets that may appear in your meta description to convey a better message. It will boost the click-through rate.

Schema markup will help improve user behavior and influence the user’s interaction with the search engines. Schema markups are meant for local businesses, articles, book reviews, movies, events, software applications, restaurants, and products.

SEO will surely be done right when you do the things as they are meant to be done. Else, with quick-fix techniques, you may not be having the right results.

The Author’s ReputationThe Author’s Reputation

If you’re an established authority in your field or a reputed author, it will make you better. Market leaders are going to drive to improve your brand’s ranking. Applying content marketing and SEO will surely enhance your search engine ranking.

When you’re established as a thought leader, people will trust you more even though you may be positioned at a lower rank than the first three positions in SERP results.

But, when you’re presenting valuable facts, in the present context, the author’s rank or Google authorship does not count as much. Google ended the whole concept of authorship in 2014. So, if you have something great to share, you have takers.

But, if you create the right content reflecting your expertise and experience, you can surely earn a better rank. Moreover, if you have a unique and valuable perspective, readers will appreciate it.

Search ranking factors do not impact ranking directly: Conclusion

Repeated use of keywords, and keyword stuffing (even worse), are mistakenly thought of as useful techniques; they are not. Also, it is not the schema markups alone that will help you get traction; rather it is how useful that mark-up information is.

Similarly, the alternative text of an image should be appropriately and diligently designed (as an alternative to the image title). This lets the whole system of the search engine carry out its function optimally and give value to users by displaying your content as an answer to their queries.

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