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Top 4 Underrated KPIs In the Software Development World

Software development may not be as new as it was years ago, but it most certainly is one of the most important jobs in today’s world. It is the future of every country all over the globe, and that is why everything that can be an advantage has to be used as much as possible.

And for a software development team to be successful, it is highly important to use all the beneficial software development KPI examples in order to measure the key metrics and become better and better.

Still, there are various aspects that can be seen and used, and here we will see the top 4 underrated or overlooked, so to speak, KPIs in software development that actually are important. Let’s start.

Deployment Frequency

The role of the deployment frequency is to denote how frequently are new features launched or other capabilities. This valuable information can be measured weekly or even on a daily basis. In order to improve efficiency, many companies and organizations use the practice of tracking deployments on a daily basis.

In an ideal situation, frequency metrics will be stable or will have slight and secure increases. If something happens and there is a sudden decrease in this process, then this could indicate problems in the existing workflow.

In general, more deployments are usually better, but only up to a certain point since if the high frequency goes into increased deployment time or a failure rate that is higher, it is maybe wise to hold off on deployment increase until the resolving of the existing issues is finished.

Lead TimeLead Time

In essence, lead time is significant in software development since it measures how long it takes for a change to take place. This valuable metric can be tracked in the beginning with an initial idea, and it can continue even through production and, of course, deployment.

In addition, lead time gives important insight into the actual efficiency of the whole process of development. It is also vital that it indicates the ability in the moment to meet the evolving demands of the user base. It is valuable to mention that feedback is addressed immediately with short lead times, and if there are long lead times, it means that there is a harmful bottleneck.

Change Fail Percentage Measurement

The central role of measuring change fail percentage is to tell you the percentage of the change to production that is not successful and actually fail, such as fix-forwards, hotfixes, rollbacks, and others.

Some of the ways and strategies to use in order to measure this KPI are to automatically record when someone rejects the deployment, of course, if you have pre-deployment approvals. Also, every time some type of test fails or every time you deploy to production, you should record this in a table. And last but not least, it is wise to create a bug associated with the deployment to count it after every sprint if someone spots a bug after the deployment.

So, in essence, the change failure rate has the function to show the percentage of changes that result in services that are devalued or degraded and that have to be fixed. And since they essentially see the efficiency of the process of deployment, they are extremely important.

Lastly, Code CoverageCode Coverage

Even though not really underrated still, when it comes to software development and KPI, it is valuable to mention code coverage. In essence, it is a KPI for software that software development teams need to measure code quality. Also, this metric is crucial in software development life cycles that hierarchize test-driven development and constant delivery.

This valuable metric is also titled test coverage, and it can determine how much execution there is of your source code when testing is happening. In addition, it is almost certain that there are some undetected bugs if a code does not execute as it should, no matter the reason. Even though you do not need code coverage entirely or 100%, the higher the code coverage, the higher the success you will have, and you will also have the chance not to do a lot of debugging.

To Sum It All Up

We have come to an end, and it is time to conclude, so here you have the top four underrated KPIs in the software development world. And since software development is of crucial importance all over the globe, you have to remember that every single aspect is essential and can be extremely valuable for the whole process.

So, don’t waste any more time and use these advantages as a software development team if you want to achieve better and more effective results. The options are always endless; you just have to use all the things that can bring many benefits both for you and your team.

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