AZ-400 Designing And Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solution

Written By Alla Levin
January 20, 2022

AZ-400 Designing And Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solution

AZ-400 Designing and implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions validates the skills and knowledge to combine people, technologies, and processes to continuously deliver valuable products and services that meet users’ needs business objectives.

The certification of Azure 400 lasts for almost two years after you get certified and achieve the certification. The Microsoft AZ-400 exam is much more challenging and more complicated than the regular exams of Azure Solutions. Therefore, you need to put a lot of effort, hard work, and dedication into the preparations of Azure 400 certifications.

So, in this article, I will try to cover almost all basic things related to Azure 400 to help you start this certification if you are looking forward to it.

Microsoft DevOps Solution

Microsoft DevOps solution refers to application Development. DevOps is related to building secure apps on trusted platforms. It involves Embedded security in your developer workflow and fosters collaboration with the DevSecOps framework.

DevOps is not only new in the software industry, although it has become very popular as a separate field in the industry. To earn the certification of Azure Microsoft DevOps Engineer Expert, you need to obtain the following certificates:

  1. Pass Exam of Azure 400: Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions;
  2. Earn An Azure Administrator Associate Certification Or an Azure Developer Associate Certification.

Is Azure 400 Certification Worth It?Azure 400 Certification

Candidates that pass the Azure 400 exam certification, such as Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solution, can be worth it if you choose it for your professional career.

If you pursue an acceptable carrier before Azure 400 certification, it can be great for your future. If you have a passion for combining both sides of DevOps to develop new solutions, then passing the Azure 400 exam certification is definitely worth it.

What Jobs Can You Get After AZ-400 Certification?

You can pursue your professional career after passing the Azure 400 exam certification; here is the list of some jobs and careers you can go through after AZ-400 certification.

  • Senior DevOps Engineers.
  • Senior Software Engineers.
  • Professional IT career.
  • Software Engineering manager.
  • Cloud engineer.
  • Azure Cloud System Developer.
  • Azure Designer and Developer.

It also enhances your resume worth and increases salary to be great for your professional career.

Detailed Exam Guide Of Azure 400 Certification

Here I will let you know all the essential details of Azure 400 exams certification. This exam includes 40-60 questions depending on Microsoft, and you have almost 150 minutes to complete this exam.

If we talk about passing marks, you need to score 700 or more in order to pass this exam. The cost for the Az-400 certification exam is almost 165$, depending on the country you are proceeding with this exam.

Additionally, the Az-400 exam is available in four languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Other than this, the Az-400 exam consists of seven different domains, and the AZ-400 exam is more complicated than the other exams, so you have to prepare well for this certification.

Domains/Courses Of Azure 400 Exam Certification

Let’s take a look at the topics and the percentage values you need to prepare for the AZ-400 exam certification.

  • Develop an Instrumentation strategy (5-10%).
  • Develop a security and compliance plan (10-15%0.
  • Develop a Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) strategy (5-10%).
  • Manage Source Control (10-15%).
  • Define and Implement Continuous integration (20-25%).
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration (10-15%).
  • Define and Release management strategy (10-15%).

Exam Study Material For Azure 400

There are multiple ways to prepare for Azure exam certification, and here I am going to enlist some of them.

  1. Microsoft Online Learning I ETC: approximately 54 hours

At first, I will surely recommend you go through each of the learning guides given by Microsoft, and this will help you make a clear mind and exposure to DevOps and other processes related to AZ-400. There are some of the free online websites and links you can go through in this regard.

  1. Pluralsight I ETC: Approximately 34 hours

The site has good video content and tutorials curated as per skills related to Az-400, and it also recommends learning pathways for this purpose.

  1. Practice Tests

Once you have completed both or one of the learning websites discussed above, it is time to test your knowledge with practice tests.

  1. Equivalent Exams

You can also go through equivalent exams if you are coming from AWS and Google clouds, which can help you get through.

  1. TestsFile

You can also follow the TestsFile website for preparing Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions AZ-400 exam certification, and it will lead you to different study materials, exams Dumps, pdf files, and other Exam AZ-400 questions answers practice test materials.

How To Prepare for Azure 400 Exam Certification?How To Prepare for Azure 400 Exam Certification

Azure 400 certification is tougher and more complicated than the past exam certification related to Azure solutions. So you can complete your study and preparations for Az-400 in almost six to seven months, or sometimes you can also complete it in three to four months if you have a strong study background and previous experiences related to Azure 400 exam topics.

Some students with experience working in Azure, working with Azure DevOps organization, and working with Azure pipelines can also complete their preparations of Azure 400 exam certification in only 4-6 weeks.

Here I will share some of the critical steps you can follow for your exam’s preps:

  1. Visit Official Microsoft Page.
  2. Learn Books and periodicals.
  3. Join Training courses of Az-400.
  4. Attend online classes and sessions for AZ-400 exam preparations.
  5. Take a practice test.
  6. Follow exams bumps, pdf files, online lectures.
  7. Join different study groups and forums.
  8. You can also visit the website for your preparations, where you can have free lectures, sample tests, and much more.


Azure 400 exam certification is an updated version of Azure 304, and it is more advanced than before. So if you are looking to pursue your future career in developing and managing Azure solutions and DevOps, it can be the best deal to apply for this course.

Also, you can easily pass this exam if you have any experience related to this Azure 400 exam certification. All of the domains included in the Azure exam certification are important skills to establish a better career, and you can follow all of your dreams after qualifying for these skills.

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