Top 3 Skills You Can Gain By Studying Humanities

Written By Alla Levin
January 27, 2022
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Top 3 Skills You Can Gain By Studying Humanities

Wondering why you would consider a college career in the humanities? Here are a few top reasons. Developing new skills is the ideal way to boost a career. It’s also a perfect way to bolster your college activities. One way to do this is to learn about the humanities.

There are many college courses aplenty that focus on studying humans and their societies and cultures. However, not everyone appreciates the value of such studies. Let’s talk about the humanities, why they are essential, and what skills you get when studying them.

What are the Humanities?

Humanities refer to any subject that studies humans in their natural habitat. It learns specifically about cultural beliefs and originally included any faiths connected to the divine. Topics that you might class as humanities include:

  • English and communication
  • Religious Education
  • Art and art history
  • Philosophy and related courses
  • Foreign languages fall under humanities
  • As does the study of ethics.
  • Any liberal arts-based courses.

The purpose of studying the humanities is to learn more about the people of a specific area or time. We would not have a complete picture of history if it weren’t for the artists, writers, priests, and philosophers that make up society. Improve your professional skills or education by taking an online college humanities class through Straighterline at

The Top 3 Skills You Develop Studying the HumanitiesGain By Studying Humanities

Studying the humanities teaches many skills. Here are some reported favorites.

You Evaluate History

The winning side tells history. Traditionally, this means there are diverse types of sources. Some can be relied upon as unbiased, and some cannot. One of the main reasons to study human subjects is to learn how to distinguish between a reliable source and a biased one. How does it teach you this? By researching and appreciating the cultural events of the time, you can piece together the mindset of the people writing the history books.


Ethics is one of the best things you learn from studying people. You know how to be empathetic to causes you might never have thought about before. You understand what society does and why it acts that way, giving you a keen insight into the people’s morality.

For example, you learn that the ancient pagans sacrificing humans inside wicker men was culturally appropriate for a person living in Medieval Britain. However, you also learn to appreciate why this sort of sacrifice would be unacceptable in other parts of the world and in later years.

You learn about Art

It’s not just that studying the humanities lets you learn about Art and how it was created; it teaches you the motivations behind the artist’s hands. It shows you why this piece of Art was created, connecting the historical, cultural, and societal dots. You learn about why a piece was so successful and about what happened to the poor souls who created masterpieces that went unheeded for generations. Studying humanities is a valuable tool for anyone working in a public-facing role.

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