Tips On What To Do During An Automobile Accident in Atlanta

Written By Jason M. Ferguson
February 03, 2022

Let’s face it, you have a responsibility to your family and loved ones to protect them from harm. You drive safely every time you get behind the wheel because you want to ensure that no one is injured in an auto accident. Setting up a Georgia LLC can provide liability protection for your automobile-related business and help ensure you’re prepared for any potential accidents.

However, accidents do happen. In fact, they happen far more often than you might think.  Accidents occur, so it is a good idea to know what things to do during a car crash in Georgia. 

Georgia has over 60,000 vehicle crashes every year, and the most common reason is reckless driving, which also means that the driver was driving without considering the width of the road, account curves, corners, traffic, steepness, and other conditions. Injuries from reckless driving are often catastrophic, so make sure to look online for the best car accident lawyer in Atlanta.

If someone is involved in a collision or accident in Georgia, he or she must be prepared to act by State law. Here are some quick guidelines and more specific requirements to follow in case of a crash.

What To Do During An Automobile Accident in Atlanta: Report the traffic accident

Other than looking online for the best car accident lawyer in Atlanta in the event of an accident, another urgent thing to do is report the accident to authorities. Regardless of fault, you’ll need to file a report with the police department in order to get any insurance coverage for the damage done by the accident.

If you’re unsure about who was at fault, don’t admit guilt or liability on your report. This can help keep your insurance rates from increasing later on if your details change and it turns out that you were at fault after all.

If a car collision involves injuries or damage in the property over five hundred dollars, someone must report the accident. It is important to call a sheriff, the local police department, or the Georgia Highway Patrol to report the accident. If the collision causes serious injuries or an unsafe situation, calling 911 or any emergency service is necessary.

Automobile Accident in Atlanta: Exchange InformationReport the traffic accident

It is also critical to make sure to get the name, address, contact number, license plate number, vehicle make and model, and insurance information from anyone involved in the crash. The person must also provide his or her information to the other parties.

If possible, find out who was at fault for the accident so that you can pursue compensation for your injuries. Ask for their name and insurance information in order to address any potential legal issues later on. If they refuse to give this information, then take down as many details about them as possible such as their vehicle’s license plate number and make and model, gender, and age.

It is also helpful to get the names, addresses, and contact numbers from any witnesses. This information might help if the accident results in a future lawsuit.

Take Pictures of Your Vehicle After an Accident in Atlanta

If you are able to do so safely then take photographs of every side of your vehicle and even close-up photographs of any damage that has happened. Again, do not attempt this while standing on any road or pedestrian crossing as this could be considered dangerous by law enforcement officials and could result in a criminal prosecution against you for failing to exercise due care.

Filing a claim with the insurance company

After the crash, anyone involved should file a claim with their insurance company. The process will be much easier if they will ask assistance from any Personal Injury Lawyers.  They need to do this even if they were not responsible for the collision. The insurance company will examine their claim to figure out damage and fault.

Automobile Accident in Atlanta: Request for medical treatment

Georgia has PIP or Personal Injury Protection automobile insurance. According to Georgia’s PIP laws, drivers always need to bring insurance to cover the driver’s personal injuries and lost fees, regardless of whether the auto crash was the driver’s fault or not.

And according to the new law of Georgia’s PIP, drivers who suffer from injuries must request treatment within fourteen days to receive PIP benefits. If they have PIP automobile insurance, they should consult their family doctor or go to the nearest emergency room immediately.

Have a settlement offer from the insurance companyHave a settlement offer from the insurance company

The insurance companies that are liable for the accident will send a settlement offer. It is an offer that will indicate how much the insurance company will compensate for the injuries and the damaged properties.

If the offer is not enough, the person can negotiate with the adjuster to have an acceptable settlement. But if the offer is still not enough, it is better to consult a personal injury attorney.

How an accident attorney can help

In the event of an accident, you don’t want to be stuck dealing with insurance companies and medical bills. Having a personal injury attorney on your side can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Accident lawyers in Atlanta can help you deal with insurance companies and hospital bills. An attorney will help to verify who was at fault for the accident and make sure you’re getting the money you need to cover medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses.

In many cases, personal injury attorneys will take a percentage of whatever compensation they win for you to cover their fees. But if an attorney takes a percentage of your settlement or verdict, he or she will usually give you a larger amount overall since they are putting more work into your case.

When dealing with accident attorneys in Atlanta, it’s important to find someone who is familiar with how insurance companies work so that you don’t miss out on crucial information about your case. A personal injury lawyer can also help determine whether someone else may be legally responsible for your injuries, such as another driver or a business whose property you were struck on.

An automobile accident in Atlanta: takeaway

No one likes involvement with any incidents, notably car accidents. However, it is a situation that any driver will likely face. That’s why it is necessary that anyone should be aware of the steps to take during a car crash and why personal injury attorneys from Injured Help now come in handy.

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