Ways to Save Money Shopping Online in ’22

Written By Alla Levin
February 03, 2022

Ways to Save Money Shopping Online in ’22

Online retailers are always creative in trying to make you spend as much as possible. They’ve got their own pricing traps and many other ways that can make you spend much more than you were expecting. Online shopping is a great way to get whatever you need – shoes, clothes, food – without leaving the house. But with the soaring pandemic, we’ve really had no other choice for a long time!

You can become a great deal hunter and get the biggest possible discounts with very little effort. Just try using these three clever online shopping tips!

Sign up as a new user

Create new accounts with mobile numbers, email addresses, and further details. New customers usually get exclusive special offers or deals when they sign up. You’re more likely to receive an email, SMS, or app notification after your sign up, and you can save from 10-50% off your first order or get a discount coupon. So create different accounts every time you shop. Be careful when using the same information repeatedly because the retailer will find out someday.

Shop via mobile appShop via mobile app

Many companies like to offer app-exclusive offers to boost the popularity of their mobile apps. This means that you can only retain the offer via the app. To retain customers on their apps, they may recommend continuing shopping with them.

“Shop through the app and get 10% off” is a classic for most online retailers. It’s also a plus-side for you since apps are much more user-friendly, so you get to enjoy your shopping experience.

Sign up for their rewards program

Online shopping giants like “FarFetch” and “Matchesfashion” offer loyalty programs for their long-time clients. If you’re a significant shopaholic, it’s much wiser to join a rewards program so that you can enjoy some benefits others can’t. You will always get free shipping, access to all new collections, and private sale alerts sooner than other customers. 

Private sales are always great because you shop at a discount before anyone can, so you get a better assortment and a more comprehensive size range. It’s a great way to make the most out of your spending money and feels more exclusive. There are patient assistance programs that exist to help people reduce the cost of their prescription expenses. Discounts like an Eliquis coupon has helped many save money on their monthly expense.

Set price drop alertsSet price drop alerts

If you’ve already chosen some of your favorites, then why now “star” them in your wishlist and make sure you set price drop alerts. Many companies provide this feature to alert their customers via email or push notifications in apps.

This helps you not only to consider whether you need something or not but also to buy it at a minimum price. It’s a great way to control impulse purchases! Don’t buy something until you need it badly because the chances are that the price will drop even further with the seasonal sales.

Save money shopping online: use comparison sites

Don’t bounce quickly to buy a product until you’ve checked out its price on a comparison website. These aggregators will show you the lowest possible price of whatever you’re searching for and redirect you to its website. Whether you’re searching for a pair of shoes or a certain dress, you need to know the brand name and model, and it’s super easy!

It’s a handy way to pay less and save money since you don’t have to search on each website separately to find out the price of what you want.

Leave products in your cart for some time

Why not try and trick the website and add all the products you want to buy in your shopping cart, sign out and close the site? After a couple of days, you’re surely going to receive an email saying that the prices have dropped, and you can press “Buy Now.”

Do check that it’s not just a marketing trick, and the prices have dropped, and it’s not just another sales trick. If prices are still the same, give it another 5-10 days until you get another “Buy Now” message, most likely, the prices will reduce further. 

You’ll be surprised by what companies are willing to do to retain clients!

Negotiate with customer careNegotiate with customer care

If you’re about to spend a large enough sum of money, then it’s a good idea to contact customer care and ask for some special offers or discount coupons and gift vouchers.

If you’re also a valuable customer, they’re more likely to consider it. Even a 2-5% additional discount is worth the call to customer care. If they decline your request, try writing another email in a couple of days. The customer care team changes regularly and you might get lucky!

Save Money Shopping Online: Make use of Cash-Back

Any shopaholic needs one of these cards. Major card providers like “Mastercard,” “Visa” and “AMEX” all partner with different retailers and offer their customers a percentage of the money spent on a particular purchase back to their card, which is called “Cash Back”. 

Otherwise, you can collect airline miles by spending money as well as many other types of rewards. Your bank will offer you a selection of different card deals that you can choose from.

At the end of each money, you can see 5-15% of the money you’ve spent shopping appearing back on your card. Whether the return is in money terms or airline miles, it will definitely be useful to you! 

It’s 2022, and online shopping is booming as always. It’s time to learn to save up whenever we can and become more creative than the retailers constantly trying to make extra money off us-shopaholics.

The above tips don’t take much of your time but can help you get a great deal or bargain. All of us deal-hunters out there must give them a try

Whether you’re buying clothes, shoes, or tech items, don’t binge-buy anything or make any impulse purchases. Try and analyze whether you actually need it by placing it on your wishlist. You never know how unexpectedly its price may drop!

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