5 Crypto Projects Predicted to Be Most Wanted

Written By Alla Levin
November 29, 2021

5 Crypto Projects Predicted to Be Most Wanted

Are you interested in earning via the Internet? One of the most effective and fastest ways is to invest in cryptocurrency. You only need to define which project suits you appropriately. It is possible to find relevant and updated data on chainboker.io.

It is a trustworthy platform that helps people to find the correct sights for Bitcoin investment. You may visit the following link to learn more details about this platform and its offers: https://chainbroker.io/projects/. Besides, our informative guide sheds some light on the top-5 projects that you should follow if you want to get Bitcoins.

Scotty Beam

The first project on our list is Scotty Beam. It allows for transferring your NTFS across the blockchain. All you require to do is to connect your wallet to this project. The platform creates space docking stations for your blockchains. Here are the main advantages offered by Scotty Beam:

  • Transferring NTF across ETH, Polygon, SOL, DOT, FLOW, and others.
  • The creation of blockchains per single click.
  • Verification of your tokens and their price.
  • The possibility to review trading history.
  • The guarantee of affirming the ownership.
  • Easy exchange of tokens.
  • Partnership with various NFT services and platforms.

This platform helps to analyze the market and choose the most effective strategy of development. Get recommendations from professionals and use cross-chain technology to earn Bitcoins.

Meta SpatialMeta Spatial

The second project is called Meta Spatial. It was developed and enhanced by the Spatial Studio. It is a game, which is based on fiction novels. The player can travel across the universe by using a special portal. You will enjoy amazing virtual reality experiences and will explore a universe that is built step by step. By playing this game, you can:

  • Earn Bitcoins;
  • Choose a non-crypto mode;
  • Travel to various fiction destinations;
  • Battle in a single or team mode;
  • Fight against smart AI etc.


You should give heed to this project too. It is sought-after throughout the globe. It offers launchpad technology. Experienced users know about the hardships related to this technology and so, the developers of the platform offer full freedom of action. Experiment in any suitable way and widen your horizons.

The developers have decentralized the entire system. It means you are not dependent on gatekeepers anymore! Polygen ensures:

  • Fair prices;
  • More room for experiment;
  • Event-based tokens;
  • Pro projects and investments;
  • 100% decentralization and customization;
  • All steps are on-chain with no restrictions;
  • Flexibility for integration;
  • Open approach;
  • Inter-related projects;
  • Regular updates.

The platform will pre-review all the projects and will provide pro analysis. You enjoy full permissionless in your actions, memberships, acquiring tokens, etc.

Mines of Dalarnia

Consider Mines of Dalarnia as well. It is a popular project that may help to enrich your income. The principle of this game is simple. You are to explore mines to find and combine various items. These items help to boost your gear and your skills. You will find numerous artifacts hidden inside the universe of the game. They will help to overcome all the rivals and thus win.

Enjoy this action game to the fullest! All the items are decentralized and belong to players. Use the market to trade NTF tokens and get your money.

The Monopolist

Do you know a famous card game called Monopolist? Today, you have an amazing opportunity to play it online as a video game. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Moreover, it also allows for earning real money. The virtual game offers pretty standard features:

  • Rolling the dice;
  • Investing in buying land;
  • Building properties;
  • Collecting accommodation fees, etc.

This game is over 100 years old, and it still remains in demand today. It is about earning money, but this time you have a real chance to get it. Use your tactics to win and earn tokens.

Crypto Projects Predicted: Summing Up

All projects are extremely profitable for you. Study the possible options to define which one is perfect. Afterward, start to earn Bitcoins.

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