Redefine Hosting With These Servewares
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Dinner at the Table – Redefine Hosting With These Servewares

When it comes to hosting a dinner, your servers work the hardest after you. To delight the table and elevate the mood of the guests, modern sophisticated serveware is a necessity in your kitchen. Here we will discuss the most trending servewares that can help you host in an exceptional way. 

Serving Boards

Serving boards, also called cheese boards, are wooden boards that can be used to serve meat and cheese directly on them. Serving boards are very different from cutting boards. Serving boards are typically made from face grain wood, which is softer and prone to knife marks than cutting boards made from edge grain woodDepending on the purpose of the board, cheese boards come in these materials: face grain, edge grain, and end grain wood.

Face grain is the exposed part of lumber, and typically is the most detailed part of a block. The textures making the best resource for crafting serving boards also leave knife marks on the board due to the structure of the fibers. 

Cutting boards are crafted up by gluing long strains of edge and end grains, which are generally tougher and have fewer textures on them. Before choosing a cheese board, you need to determine the purpose, and size. 

Purpose of the Servewarelynnliana cheese boards

Serving boards are like cars. While each one of them takes you to the same destination, the feel and purpose of them are different. If you don’t have an idea where to start shopping for the ideal board, there are hundreds of options available on lynnliana cheese boards. You can seamlessly surf and choose the best premium option depending on your budget and theme. Each product listing also comes with the details of materials used, so you can always trust to get a high-quality product. 

If your intention is to chop carrots on your serving board, the server needs to be different than the one used to serve and slice pieces of bread. A serving board is absolutely compatible with blunt cheese knives (“cheese board”) but isn’t briefed for the conflict with a sharp steak knife. If you already have a cutting board, go for a serving board that can be flipped over to be used for light operations. 

Size of the Serving Board

The beauty and functionality of your kitchen depend on the size and thickness of the serving board. If it’s as large and thick as a cutting board, it won’t serve its purpose of being the modest warrior of your kitchen. But, if it’s too brittle to even hold off the butter knives, it won’t be of no use.  A small square serving board of 10-12” is the best of both worlds. 

Resin Coasters

Resin coasters are servers that are made of resin and help you protect your table when placing cups or glasses. You can either buy them online or make them yourself. It doesn’t require a plethora of supplies or mastery of crafting. 

The only ingredient that you’d need to make resin coasters is the resin itself. Despite resin being the fundamental component, it’s transparent and won’t look much appealing when molded to be resin coasters. You’d need to implant objects and pigment into it. 

The molds come in different shapes and sizes. Choose what suits your kitchen or dining the best and order online. Decide on a resin that can withstand high temperatures and isn’t brittle, decide upon your choice of decorations, and pour in the resin mix.  But, if you decide on buying a set of resin coasters, you should keep certain things in mind.

Purpose and Size of Resin Coasters

Not every resin coaster can withstand high temperatures. If you are intending to put hot beverages on it, remember to verify the resin quality before buying. A small oval resin coaster would be enough to place a cup or mug, but if you are intending to place a jar on it, you might need to go for the large hexagonal ones. Decide for yourself and always check the price tag before ordering.

Design and ThemesRedefine Hosting With These Servewares

Lots and lots of resin coasters are available on the market. Even if you can DIY them, it’s wise to buy them directly from artists to get the best value for your money. Depending on your dining hall and the theme of the interior, choose the one that fits the most. A cheap flat resin coaster isn’t going to complement a Mahogany table. 

Serving Trays

Serving trays can be used in several ways. And not only in the kitchen. While serving trays are mostly used to decorate and serve foods to guests, they can be used to even stack books or keychains together. Despite having unusual practical usage, we’ll limit our discussion to kitchen and dining. 

The serving tray comes in various shapes, sizes, and types. The most common ones are squared, but round or even bamboo serving trays can also be seen in the wilderness of online stores. Before purchasing a serving tray, there are some things that you need to consider. 

Purpose and Size

Nope. The same serving tray can’t be used to serve breakfast and snacks. You need different kinds of trays for different operations. A large serving plate, with high edges, will hold a lot of fruits, veggies, and sandwiches. However, it’s not practical to carry around by hand. If you have a breakfast cart and can manage the components, it’s better to get large serving trays to carry breakfast around. In contrast, a short compact tray would be more appropriate to serve drinks and small snacks to guests. 

Choice of MaterialDinner at the Table

The production material is another critical factor. You can’t just pick a cheap plastic one to use as a dinner tray. While it all depends on the theme of your dining and kitchen, nothing works well with a purple plastic tray. Either go for the metallic ones or opt for wooden trays. Bamboo trays are trending too. Whenever I say practical, take it with a pinch of salt and assume that I mean aesthetic.

Matching your Theme

Consider matching your serving trays with the interior of your house. A sophisticated house calls for serving trays that complement the theme – not ruin it. If you’re inclined towards oval servers, look for round trays. If you’re more into flat design, try metallic trays. 

The Bottom Line

While there are hundreds of servers available, serving boards, resin coasters, and dinner trays are in the news tonight. Keep the points mentioned here in mind and don’t bring in a cutting board for a cheese board, and don’t forget to try your hands on DIY resin coasters. 

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