how to install free software on your PC
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How To Download And Install Free Software On Your PC?

If you get a new Windows 10 PC, you probably have been busy setting it up. A big part of that is downloading software applications to help you get started. Software applications are what complete your PC setup. Your PC is nothing more than a rectangular metal box without relevant software.

Today, most of our tasks have been shifted to the digital platform. Whether we are talking about online meetings, online classes, watching movies, or video streaming, you will need software assistance.

However, there is one downside of software. They can be pretty expensive. If you are not careful with what you install, you might use all your bank money just to set your PC up.

Fortunately, we have a platform like to support our needs. The Pirate Bay software is among the popular software that offers free software applications to users. If you don’t want to break your bank and still want to access the same software, The Pirate Bay is the best solution out there.

How To Download And Install Free Software?

Downloading software from the internet is quite easy. The plethora of options ensures that you have hundreds of results for every download search. But, at the same time, you need to also understand that you cannot just download any software from the internet. You have to choose the most suitable one that fulfills your requirement.

Downloading software from the internet and buying a smartphone almost share a similar process. When you buy a smartphone, you go through the features you want and go around the shop picking only the ones that cater to your requirement.

The same thing stands true for the software. With so many options available in the market, you can’t just choose anyone to work with. That being said, here we are to guide you on how to download and install free software from the internet.

Step 1: Do A Through Researchhow to install free software on your PC

Just like anything you download or buy from the internet, you do research. The research helps you with all the information you need to know about the products and services. You must do the same before downloading any new software. Researching the software will help you understand the software better and ensure the software you are downloading fulfills all your needs.

Step 2: Look For Reputable Websites

While you look for software to download from the internet, you will find different websites offering free downloads. Now that all the websites offer free downloads, which one to choose?

The answer is simple: always go for the most authentic-looking website with a comparatively higher domain rating than others. The more domain rating means, the more trusted among the people.

Step 3: Scan For Viruses

Never forget to scan a website for viruses. Even though you know that the website you are visiting is clean and has no embedded virus, scan the website just in case. While online, you are always at risk of being attacked by viruses. Never take a chance. Scanning the website will let you understand how safe the website is and whether or not it is a good idea to download software.

Step 4: Download The Software

Once you are 100% sure that the website is safe and secure from viruses, have a reputation, and offer the software you need, download the software.

Step 5: Scan, The software For The Viruses

Once the download is complete, don’t go for installation immediately. You may never know how safe the downloaded file is. Before installing the downloaded file, run a quick scan to ensure no malware viruses have entered the file during the downloading process.

Step 6: Complete The Installation Process

Once the scan gives your green signal, you can install the software. Some software can easily be installed. While in some cases, you might have to extract the core files.

How to install free software on your PC: avoid any downloader program

Repeat after me – I don’t need any downloader or installer to install any program. We are saying this because all the software downloaders and installers you see are nothing more than thieves. They access your data in the name of helping you download software. Even when downloading software, you might experience several pop-ups about the downloader and installer – avoid them.

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