Tech That Is Changing Our World

Written By Alla Levin
February 15, 2022

Tech That Is Changing Our World

Most of us use technology in small ways every day to make our day more manageable. We text our friends, use mobile banking, shop online, manage our businesses, and more. But there are more significant technological changes that change the shape of the world as we move through it. 

So what are some of the most exciting world-changing technologies that we can expect to see more of? 

3D Printing Bones

3D printing has been an incredible moment in technology and within homes too. We can print miniature models, and now it is possible to print bones! 3D bone printing is as easy as printing anything else you need to print, and that is part of the incredible process of medical technology. Complete restoration of bones is becoming possible. 

Energy Storing Bricks

The construction industry is moving more sustainably, and greener and energy-storing bricks could be the future. Researchers at Washington University, Missouri, have developed a red brick that stores energy not too different from a battery. 

Internet for Everyone

When we talk about industry 4.0, we speak about IoT, the internet of things – or how all of our devices are connected now. But we forget that not everyone has the internet. So the internet for everyone is an exciting concept that could break down the barriers between social and economic accessibility. 

Getting the internet to inaccessible areas has been something people have pondered on for years, and Google has looked to implement helium balloons. Technology improves our daily lives in many ways, but it also changes the shape of industries. Here is a great infographic that highlights revolutionary tech. 

Tech That is Changing Our World

Infographic by A TradeMachines Infographic

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