How To Land Your Dream Job

Written By Alla Levin
February 21, 2022
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How To Land Your Dream Job

In order to land your dream job, you need to be self-aware, be persistent, and demonstrate creativity. A dream job is only a dream if it makes you happy. So consider what type of work brings you happiness. List all the aspects that you want from that dream job. That can include the specific job role, location, the pay you will receive, and the number of hours you will be required to work. The more specific you can be, the easier it will be for you to spot when your dream job finally appears.

The Job Hunting Steps

You know what job it is that you are looking for. Now you need to find it, then when you do find it, which you will. Be able to guarantee that your resume is noticed and you get in for an interview and get offered the job. 

These tips will help with that.

The Resumehow to get your record expunged

The Resume

You are applying for your dream job. There is a reason why this is the job for you. Your resume is how you show your future employer why they need to invite you in for an interview and consider hiring you. So before writing it, you want to sort out your history to ensure you make yourself look excellent on paper. This includes following this guide on how to get your record expunged so any criminal record is no longer present. 

Once you have polished up your history, the only way to stand out from the masses is to make your resume specific. This is your dream job, it isn’t some run-of-the-mill position. Therefore it requires you to make it specific to the job. Highlight and discuss the skills that you have that make you the perfect candidate.

Send A Cover Letter

You must send a cover letter to provide more detail and back up the facts and information you have shared within your resume. You can show them your enthusiasm, go into greater detail regarding your skills and show discuss why specifically you want to work for their organization. Take your time writing this, your written skills are vital. It shows your skills and is also an example of how well you can articulate yourself and how much of a good communicator you are.

Build A Professional Online SiteBuild A Professional Online Site

A lot of employers will do an online search for any potential employees. Make a web presence for yourself by using your complete name. Make a professional website such as on LinkedIn. Include your portfolio, resume, and any other information related to your field. A professional photo of yourself, a contact page, and a biography page should all be included.


Sometimes it isn’t always what you know but who you know. There any many networks online that you can join where you will be able to interact and show your skills that potentially will open doors and will make you be considered when they are looking to recruit. This can also be used to maintain communication and show your enthusiasm once you have applied.

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