5 Reasons Why Podcasting Has Survived During Covid-19

Written By Alla Levin
February 24, 2022
Reasons Why Podcasting Has Survived During Covid-19

5 Reasons Why Podcasting Has Survived During Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic had us all confined to our homes, which poorly affected our daily routines. Even people with the strictest routines had nowhere to go and were bored and frustrated with their lives. In an already tech-savvy era, people who were outgoing, fitness freaks, and even aged people who used to enjoy talking to their friends, had no choice but to turn to the internet for an entertaining escape.

The most convenient and accessible form of audio entertainment, podcasts played an integral role. During the COVID pandemic, a lot of people listened to podcasts or created one. Also, creating and streaming podcasts became more accessible than ever. Reaching your audience on every possible platform has also become very convenient. To find a podcast hosting solution to meet your needs, consider checking out Libsyn.

With everything going downhill during the pandemic, here’s why podcasts were outlasted and got even more popular.

More Than Ever Engaged Listeners

During the lockdowns, people were just thriving for entertainment and surveying the internet for movies, TV shows, podcasts, and other kinds of entertaining stuff day in day out. With so many active listeners, podcast streaming became a huge demand, and engagement of listenership was vast now than ever.

Podcasting Has Survived: Ability To Be Paired with Any Other Audio MediaPodcasting Has Survived

Audio media platforms were ideal companions to podcasts. Since these platforms have the most strength of active listeners, it was very convenient for them to stream podcasts and gain more consumer engagement.

Most Convenient Audio Entertainment

Podcasts are excellent when it comes to entertainment on the go. People love multi-tasking. Listening to a podcast while cooking or working out is the most efficient form of media indulgence. Podcasts are audio formats of episodic conversations that attract a specific audience in high strength, making it the most convenient and quick form of escaping boredom.

Great For Media Marketing

Podcasts listeners are very adhesive and perceiving listeners, making them an ideal audience choice for advertisers to market their desired campaigns. Also, because podcasts and digital streaming are budget-friendly, advertising on all media platforms, including podcasts, increases their brand frequency and result in more equity.

Acted as a Therapy

The pandemic sure had everyone under severe stress and anxiety. Working from home was depressing, and online education was arduous to cope with. Moreover, not meeting your close ones and going out even for fresh air took a toll on everyone. The one-to-one feel of listening to a podcast served as therapy sessions. Hosts engaged in conversations about coping with this pandemic, and a changed routine helped people out.

Podcasts survived the pandemic because of their easy audience involvement. For people of elderly age, podcasts are easy to download and listen to compared to watching or listening to any video format entertainment that would eventually play dull advertisements. For People bored of staying at home, podcasts became their personal therapist and entertainment escape. Podcast episodes also provided efficient news reports and information on various topics desirable and indulging.

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