How to Play Dragon Tiger at an Online Casino?

Written By Alla Levin
February 24, 2022
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How to Play Dragon Tiger at an Online Casino?

If you haven’t heard about Dragon Tiger yet, it was probably only a matter of time. Originating in Cambodia, this exotic classic may not be the most popular game at land-based casinos, but it’s super popular online – also try Return of the Kong Megaways. How do you actually play Dragon tiger, and is it any different from playing at the casino? We are going to explain everything throughout this article, so read on and consider giving it a try!

Instructions for Playing Dragon Tiger

Dragon tiger is essentially a way of playing baccarat, but with just two cards. The game will play out like this:

Step 1: Two cards are drawn. The ‘Dragon’ is given one, and the other to the ‘Tiger’.

Step 2: Decide whether you will bet classic, or with proposition bets.

Step 3: Place your bet!

The game itself is pretty much as simple as betting gets, but the option of proposition bets sure makes things more interesting. These are some pretty high-stake bets, but winning them could get you a serious jackpot. There are far too many available in online Dragon Tiger to mention, but some of our favorites are:

  • The classic tie, winning when both cards are equal in rank. Odds: 8 to 1;
  • The ‘suited tie’, winning when both cards are equal in both rank and suit – Odds: 50 to 1;
  • Big/small, where the player bets on a card being over or under seven.

That is pretty much it in terms of playing the game, but we’re going to pass you over to our technical team for the next bit – setting Dragon Tiger up online.

Setting up on the WebSetting up on the Web

Before you test out these instructions and try your luck at an online game of Dragon Tiger, there’s one requirement: a computer or a mobile phone. The setup is super easy though, and we will talk you through the instructions. If you get stuck, give that tech-savvy friend of yours a ring – we bet they will make it look easy!

  • Step 1: If you’re on a computer, you will need to navigate to a website to play. For phones, you will probably need to download an app.
  • Step 2: Much like a regular casino, you’re going to need to verify yourself with some ID. You’ll probably need a scanner for this bit, but websites often have fancy software to verify you through your phone – handy!
  • Step 3: Our computers and phones, unfortunately, don’t take cash, so we have to play online. Simply add your payment details to your account – the website will help explain it. That’s it! You should now be ready to play Dragon Tiger online.

So Playing Dragon Tiger Online is pretty easy?

Yup! The game itself is simple, and the online setup will be a breeze if you know what you’re doing. If not, it’s always worth remembering that live chat for customer service exists on a lot of websites and apps, so if you’re unsure about anything, always have a look for this option! Otherwise, enjoy your game of Dragon Tiger!

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