5 Tips to Dress for a First Date

Written By Alla Levin
March 01, 2022

5 Tips to Dress for a First Date

So, you’re excited about the first date with someone you like. Whether you’ve known them for a while or you just met, the panic surrounding what to wear is equally as intense. Finding the right outfit plays a significant role in making the right first impression. Although you want to look your best, the pressure of finding the perfect look can cause you to overthink and form the worst outfits. Don’t worry. We’re here to help with five tips on dressing for a first date. Let’s get started!

The Classic Jean

You might think jeans are too casual or suggest that you didn’t put effort into your outfit, be we argue that wearing jeans is an excellent casual move that is hard to go wrong with. If you wear a pair of jeans on a first date, you won’t look as anxious as you feel on the inside, and you’ll look like you’re too cool to care.

In both cases, your date becomes the one who has to impress you. Wear classic denim jeans or go for womens straight leg jeans to get the games going. See where it all leads!

Black Midrise BootsBlack Midrise Boots

Black boots are an underrated, genderless fashion trend that is the perfect footwear option for first dates. Since they’re black, they work in both fancy and casual environments. The fact that they’re boots and not heels give you room to work in some mellow vibes while still looking dressed up enough, given that they are mid-rise.

The difference between your hiking work boots and black midrise boots is that most midrise boot beauties exude sophistication and style. It’s not their fault that they also happen to be super comfortable, and your date will never even guess you wore shoes for comfort.

Tips to Dress for a First Date: Any Dressy Blouse

For tops, look for blouses that flatter your body shape. You might go with a camisole and a velvet cardigan or a silk long sleeve blouse that ties in the front with a metal clip. As long as your blouse is a little fancy, it is perfect.

You don’t need more than a few lacy frills or silky elements to show that you put in the effort. Don’t feel like you have to wear your mom’s pearls or anything like that. Choose any kind of blouse that looks good on you and don’t get any fancier than that.

Jewelry That Matches Your PersonalityTips to Dress for a First Date

With your jewelry, choose the items that showcase your personality. If you’re a minimalist, you might go for those tiny metal bar earrings or studs to indicate your interest in subtle elegance. Pull out your moon necklace if you are a bohemian high-vibes kind of person.

Add a clip or a headband if you want your accessories to have a little more pizzazz. Let your date know what they’re getting into with your jewelry choices.

Tips to Dress for a First Date: Ditch Hair Products

You might feel obligated to do your hair for your date and use all kinds of sprays and gels to keep your locks in place. You’re more likely to go overboard and end up with a hairdo that is nothing like your normal hair.  Please keep it simple and ditch the extra hair products. Style your hair like usual!

A First Date Look To Impress

Dressing for a first date is about not overthinking it and dressing in ways that showcase your personality. Keeping your look casual while still putting in some effort is the balanced approach to a perfect first-date look. Follow these tips for a first date look that is sure to impress!

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