Fashion Accessories Not Everyone Can Pull Off

Written By Alla Levin
May 19, 2019

Check Out These Fashion Accessories

When they were kids, most people wanted to be lawyers, doctors, and even presidents when they grew up. There’s just something alluring about these professions that makes everyone desire them.

However, only a handful of people say they want to be fashionable when they grow up. This is probably because we just assume we’d have great fashion sense.

Most people do have great taste in fashion (or, at least, they think they do). However, some fashion choices are best left to the Rihannas of our time. Here are four accessories that belong on that list.

Ringswomen fashion accessories

Rings are your everyday accessories. However, unlike handbags, you can’t just wear a ring because the color matches your outfit. They require a keener sense of fashion, and people who can rock them well are rewarded with appreciation.

There’s something about meeting a gentleman or a lady with a fashion ring. Depending on the finger the ring is on, your appreciation for them can go from respect to admiration and even to awe.

A more specific kind of rings, like the ones that can be found in this link make even bigger fashion statements and are generally reserved for the bold ones among us.

Earrings fashion accessories for women

These accessories don’t need an introduction, as we’re all pretty familiar with them. In fact, earrings are so fabulous that they have transcended sex and are now some of the most gender-neutral accessories ever.

That is, of course, talking about the little earrings. It’s not uncommon to see swanky gentlemen sporting one or two dot earrings as a part of their ensemble. But then, there are much more daring alternatives to the little earrings for ladies.

They come in many different shapes and sizes, making a more open-ended choice for everyone who’s bold enough to try them.

Nose RingsNose Rings

Unlike earrings and finger rings, these rings are exclusively for the bold among us. The reason nose rings are so appealing is that very few people wear them. This is often due to the association of nose rings with bad boys, girls, or rebels. If the teenage years taught us anything, it’s that rebels are excellent and worthy of respect.

Even if you’re the more outlandish type, the odds are high that a nose piercing isn’t the first thing to pop into your mind when thinking of ways to stand out in the crowd.

To work one, you need to have the right combination of rebellion, a matching demeanor, and that special something. Perhaps, nose rings are best left to the pros. Or are they?

Scarfs and Trendy Fashion Accessories

scarf in the winter

Anyone can wear a scarf in the winter, and you can’t get enough layers to keep warm. In fact, not wearing a scarf in the winter is unfashionable as no outfit is complete without these long and slender pieces of fabric.

However, you know, the farther you move from, the colder seasons, the harder scarfs are to wear. Unless you’re really savvy, you’re more likely to look like your wardrobe is out of date than you are to look like a fashionista with a scarf in summer. That’s not to say you can’t don them and look like a diva. It just means you’ll need a bit more deliberation and thought to make them work.

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