Basic Tips for Cleaning Your Home

Written By Alla Levin
March 04, 2022

Basic Tips for Cleaning Your Home

If you have a very specific cleaning ‘issue’, for instance, a wine stain, you are quite likely to find a lot of articles related to that topic. But if you are just looking for some general tips on how to be faster and more efficient in cleaning your house, you probably won’t find that much information.

So here are a few simple general tricks, coming straight from the pros at San Francisco’s Adriana Cleaning related to some of the cleaning ‘hotspots’ which are sometimes neglected, which will hopefully make your life (and house cleaning) a bit easier.

Large Glass Surfaces

Washing the windows and other bigger glass surfaces, such as mirrors or glass tables can be a very tiring and demanding task. Yet, if you don’t do it, it will definitely show. Well, sometimes, even if you do clean them, the effect does not last so long, since it’s so easy to stain a glass surface.

So, to save the time you spend on cleaning the windows, instead of using a cloth, try using a squeegee – it does miracles and is highly recommended by professional cleaners as well. It is very efficient, does not leave stains or tiny hairs, just squeaky clean glass. You can also use it for other glass surfaces, like shower doors or big mirrors.

That Greasy OvenThat Greasy Oven

This is probably one of the places we just prefer to overlook for as long as possible when it comes to cleaning – but it most certainly requires regular care. This can be applied to the whole oven but is most appropriate for the oven door, which is the most visible part after all. Use a dishwasher tablet to help you remove all the grease and stains.

Simply put the tablet underwater, and then pass over with it the oven door, or the entire oven. Leave it for a few minutes, and then just wipe it all away with a damp cloth. You will definitely not find a simpler or faster way to do it.

Cleaning Your Home: An Even Greasier Oven

If there is a place less popular than the oven when it comes to cleaning, it would definitely be the microwave, which is also probably in even more dire need of a good wipe-up. So how to approach this “monster” and make sure you clean all the food stains which accumulate so fast?

One of the widely-spread tips is using vinegar, but most people can’t stand the smell, so they avoid it. However, there is a similar alternative; instead of vinegar, try using lemon juice. Instead of putting a bowl full of vinegar in the microwave, put it inside a water-soaked sponge. Then mix water and lemon juice in a spray bottle, and spray the walls of the microwave with this solution.

Then close the microwave and turn it on for a couple of minutes. The water will evaporate from the sponge, and make it even easier to remove the stains. Lemon also greatly helps in dissolving the food remains, plus its smell is much more pleasant than vinegar.

Cleaning Your Home: The Fastest Way to Clean Your Blender

While we’re around the kitchen, we might as well glance at one of those cumbersome items which demand to be cleaned regularly – the blender. It is a very frequently used appliance, as we all more and more enjoy eating healthy and find using a blender very convenient for that.

However, naturally, the more often you use it, the more often you need to clean it, and if that process is too tiring, you might give up on using it entirely, and that would be a pity. So to save yourself from the tiring process of cleaning all the blender elements separately, pour the warm water in the blender, mix it with some dish soap, close it and turn it on. This is definitely the fastest and the most efficient way to wash your blender and prepare it for the next use.

House cleaning is not fun for most of us, so making it just a bit quicker and easier is always a plus.

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