Great Countertop Materials for Your Kitchen Remodel

Written By Alla Levin
February 05, 2022
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Great Countertop Materials for Your Kitchen Remodel

Modern kitchens really have to pull double duty. Not only do they have to be functional and ensure that you can cook there comfortably, but they also have to look good. As the center of the home, life has shifted more towards kitchens, they have had to become more comfortable and eye-catching.

This means that you have to be really careful when choosing materials that you will use for your kitchen cabinets, flooring, and especially the benchtop. We reached out to Elite Remodeling who were willing to share some of their top picks for benchtops, as well as some advantages and disadvantages of all.

Natural Stone Countertops

There is something really impressive and magnetic about a stone countertop. They feel strong and solid – mostly because they are. Thanks to the natural source of this material, no two countertops will be exactly the same. The colors and changes in patterns are mostly random so you can be sure your countertop will be beautiful and unique.

Some of the top choices for stone countertops include marble and granite. While marble looks smooth, it is pretty porous, which makes it vulnerable to spilled liquids, especially acidic ones such as wine, coffee, or vinegar. Granite, on the other hand, doesn’t have that problem, as long as it is sealed each year.

Just keep in mind that stone is heavy, so your support structure needs to be sound and sturdy. This applies both to granite and marble, as well as any other type of stone that you might install in your kitchen.

Stainless SteelStainless Steel

The big advantage of stainless steel over every other type of countertop material is the maintenance. Stainless steel requires very little of it and it is very durable. Better yet, it is very hygienic, since it is very smooth and there is no place for bacteria to hide. Thanks to the hardness of the material, you won’t see nicks or cuts no matter how much you use them for cutting.

On the other hand, it can be fairly difficult to pair a stainless steel countertop with the rest of your kitchen. Aesthetically, you need to make sure that stainless steel doesn’t clash with the rest of your setup.

This is why stainless steel is much more common in commercial kitchens in restaurants than in residential homes. With the advent of minimalism and minimalist kitchen architecture, stainless steel has been co-opted for homes and residential kitchens.

Materials for Kitchen Remodel: Wooden Countertops

One of the most beautiful materials we have been using for millennia, wood has a special place in our lives and homes. Hardwood floors are typically seen as premium and high-end options, and the same thing seems to apply to countertops.

Natural wood works well with various kitchen styles, whether it is a single block of wood or laminated pieces. Most people don’t paint their wooden countertops, just staining them – to emphasize the natural feel of the material.

On the other hand, wooden countertops can have a problem with usability. If you have ever had a cutting board for more than a year, you probably know what we’re getting at. Natural wood is softer than stone or steel, so it can get damaged much more efficiently, mainly if you use the countertop for cutting and cooking.

To combat this problem, most experts recommend having the wooden countertop only in the part of your kitchen used for dining and sitting, rather than food preparation parts.

Remodeling your kitchen (or just parts of it) can be a fascinating time when you can decide the look and feel of your kitchen and home for a long time.

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