Simple Ways to Elevate Your Interior Design

Written By Alla Levin
March 04, 2022

Ways You Can Elevate the Design of Your Home

Whether you have recently moved into a new home or are considering redecorating your current one, now is your chance to express yourself and create your ideal home environment through thoughtful interior design.

Starting with a blank canvas or working around pre-existing design features can be a daunting task, but with a clear creative vision and confident aesthetic sensibilities, you can transform your home into something both functional and beautiful. Take a look at some of these simple ways you can elevate the design of your home.

Use Inspiration as a Starting Point

Before diving straight into your own project, immerse yourself in ideas and designs created by other people. Read design tips written by professional interior designers and develop a sense of your own preferences by looking at photos or videos of different rooms. Even seeing designs, you dislike can be useful as it points you in the direction of what you do like. While inspiration is incredibly valuable for guiding you towards your own creative goals, don’t be limited by what you find. Some designers will claim that there are hard rules you must follow, but remember that it is your home and your preference is what matters most.

Know Your ColorsSimple Ways to Elevate Your Interior Design

Having a firm understanding of how to use colors to your advantage can make the interior design so much more of an enjoyable and creative process. Learn when and where to use warmer or cooler tones, what different saturations do to the mood of a room, and how colors work together to tell different stories. Perhaps you prefer the idea of crisp, clean walls to reflect lots of light, or maybe you want intense and rich colors to create warmth.

Add Depth and Detail

Often it’s the small details that add so much to a good design. Elegant touches such as coordinating fabrics or window shutters make a room appear more designed rather than simply thrown together. Search for shutters California to discover different options to suit your taste. With each object earning its place in your home, you can curate a more distinctive and stylish environment in which to live.

Choose Complimentary Textures

Rough and smooth, soft and hard – combining and contrasting different textures is another great way to create mood in a room. If you have a solid oak coffee table, balance it with a deeply soft rug. Unusual combinations can create unexpectedly beautiful results. It’s about playing around with iterations until you find something that appeals to you. These small considerations might not sound like much at first, but when you see them in action, it truly makes a difference.

Elevate your Interior Design: Show Off Your Personality

As mentioned already, good interior design isn’t just about creating a space that could photograph well for a professional magazine. It’s about curating an environment that works as both a space for living and for beauty. Your personal taste has so much to do with this and should never be ignored in favor of what the elite professional designers might say.

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