What Are The Common Road Trip Dangers First-Timers Face?

Written By Alla Levin
March 22, 2022

What Are The Common Road Trip Dangers First-Timers Face?

Your vehicle is ready after receiving reliable auto repair service; you’ve got enough food for the road, GPS functioning properly; you’re ready for your first road trip. What could go wrong? Sadly, a lot. That’s why you need to know what problems lie ahead to avoid them.

Going on a road trip for the first time is a genuinely wonderful experience if you’re well prepared. But it can also turn out to be quite a nightmare if you don’t know what to expect. So, are you planning your first road trip? Try to avoid the following possible dangers. 

Getting lost

Even the most experienced travelers can get lost sometimes, but that doesn’t mean it should happen to you. Many people use common apps like Google Maps to navigate unfamiliar locations. The problem is many people take their GPS navigation function for granted, thinking that they’ll always remain connected regardless of where they are.

But your GPS may fail you if you’re driving across mountain passes or places with dense materials like heavy wood, concrete, rocks, or steel. Also, tall buildings and large trees can do quite a number on your navigation system. This makes it a bit difficult to negotiate your way out of strange locations. To avoid getting lost, take the time to plan your route. Note down all your rest points on a physical map and keep it in your car, so you can refer to it if your GPS is unavailable.

No cell receptionRoad Trip Dangers

The most frustrating thing next to getting lost is losing your cell reception. With smartphones becoming a vital part of daily living, you don’t want yours bailing on you when on the road. Depending on the travel route you’re using, you can end up in a zone with terrible cell phone service, no way to make calls, or access various apps. 

While this situation can be challenging to avoid, note which areas on your route fall out of cell coverage and stay clear of them. Alternatively, carry gadgets like cell phone boosters and wireless carriers to help improve your signals in such areas. 

Road Trip Dangers: Physical exhaustion

Some experts consider physical exhaustion behind the wheel more dangerous than driving when drunk. Tiredness is the main reason people dose off when going, which is understandable if you’ve been on the road for hours without rest. Falling asleep behind the wheel quite obviously endangers your life and other road users, but this can quickly happen to anyone, especially on long road trips. 

Therefore, the best way to avoid this is to have rest stops, particularly when traveling alone. You can rotate drivers if you’re part of a group, so everyone gets enough rest. If it’s late in the day, you can check into roadside accommodation to get a good night’s sleep and renew your strength for the morning. Also, ensure that you stay hydrated throughout and pack high-energy foods to keep you alert when driving. If you have company, it’s best to share the driving duties, changing places every two hours. 

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