Buying A Used Motorcycle? Here Are Some Safety Tips To Consider

Written By Alla Levin
March 22, 2022
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Buying A Used Motorcycle? Here Are Some Safety Tips To Consider

Buying a used motorcycle can be beneficial if working with a tight budget. Understandably, many bike lovers will settle for second-hand wheels if they get a great bargain. But like anything preowned, a second-hand motorcycle may come with many safety concerns and could even cost you your life. So are you planning to purchase a used bike? Affordability is great, but it’s also crucial to keep one eye on safety, and the following tips can guide you.

Do your safety research

It’s easy for many first-time bike buyers to focus on the prices and bike specs when doing their research without thinking about safety. Of course, you’re trying to save cost, but not at the expense of your life. So, during your research, find out the safety record of the various bike models that catch your interest.

Read up on recall statistics and the reasons behind those recalls. Also, find out what brands or types of motorcycles are responsible for the most accidents and why. Focus more on what safety features each bike offers during your research.

Conduct a safety inspection before making a purchase

So, you’ve done your safety research and are satisfied with your findings on a particular bike. You’ve also checked the price, and it fits pretty well in your budget. But before you deep your hands into your pockets, you need to conduct a safety inspection of the motorcycle.

The following features should be your core concern when preparing your inspection checklist – the exhaust, the frame of the bike, clutch, brakes, chain and sprocket, suspension, tires and wheels, coolant, and fuel tank. If you have no idea how to conduct a safety inspection on a bike, it’s best to have a trusted mechanic handle that responsibility. 

Go for a test ridebuying a used motorcycle

Even if you’re satisfied after your inspection, don’t be in a hurry to pay— at least, not until you’ve gone for a test ride. A test ride is not a joy ride. Regarding safety, it’s supposed to help you get a good feel of the bike’s engine performance, handling quality, brake effectiveness, etc. The easier it feels to ride the bike and control it, the lesser the safety risks you’ll have to deal with.

Another important thing to focus on during your ride is the bike’s windshield. Motorcycle windshields can help you ward off fatigue, back pain, and arm strain. They do so by keeping the strong wind away from your chest and face. This way, you can ride more comfortably with little air pushing against your chest. 

Don’t buy from people you can’t trust

To be on the safer side, you want to purchase your bike from a trusted used motorcycle dealer— someone you can always go back to just in case problems arise. You want a dealer with a track record of selling bikes in safe conditions. Buying from a private seller comes with high safety risks, especially when they cannot offer you all the safety guarantees you need. 

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