6 Amazing Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

Written By Alla Levin
May 29, 2018
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Amazing Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

Going on a vacation with your furry family member can be a lot of fun. Traveling with your dog will be much easier when following these amazing tips. In just the last few years, the number of people traveling with their pets has skyrocketed up to 37% of travelers.

If you’re going on a vacation and thinking about bringing your dog, you could be visiting an unknown place with a piece of home to make you feel comfortable.  When you’re traveling with your dog, you need to consider some of their basic needs. Here are 6 things you need to plan for when you’re thinking of taking your dog on the road.

Check Your Destination

The first thing you should do before traveling with your dog is to see if your host is going to be okay with your pet coming along. If you’re staying with a friend or family member, make sure they’re totally comfortable with your dog coming along. If they seem hesitant, make a backup plan for your pet. You don’t want to ruin a relationship over a misunderstanding or a miscommunication. You also don’t want your pet to feel unwelcome.

If you’re staying in a hotel or any other kind of rental, you’re better off asking for permission than begging for forgiveness. If you travel across the country with your pet during a busy season only to have no place to stay, you’ll be feeling pretty guilty to your furry friend.

Make sure you take the time to make special accommodations, pay any extra fees, or get whatever special room you need to get so that your dog can come along. Everyone should feel welcome when they arrive at the destination,

Research Your Mode of Transit

visa for your pet or pet passport.

Your mode of transit will have a major impact on your pet, and your pet could have a significant impact on how you travel. Depending on the train or bus you take, you might not be able to bring a pet. If you travel on some train lines, you might have to pay for an extra ticket for your pet depending on their size and weight.

If you’re traveling overseas via plane, you need to make sure you’ve checked all your boxes off ahead of time. You might need a special visa for your pet or pet passport. You might not be allowed on a flight without it.

You might also have trouble getting on a plane if you haven’t alerted your air carrier in advance. They might charge you extra or prohibit you from taking the flight if you’ve got a large dog that needs special crating or special attention.

Test Out Your Carrier

Make sure that the carrier that you’re using for your dog fits them. They need to feel comfortable and safe when traveling inside of it. If they’re anxious and uncomfortable, it’s going to be a long flight for everyone.

Your best bet is to go on a few test runs. Put your dog in its carrier and go for a drive. Make sure you’ve got them secured via a seat belt system and their carrier isn’t knocking around every time you make a turn.

If you live in an urban area, take them on the train or on the bus. Let them see you at all times and maintain verbal contact. Pet them through the carrier if possible and try to remain encouraging. The longer they can be inside the carrier, the easier your transit is going to be.

Get Medications Together

visa for your pet or pet passport_3

Talk to your vet before you head out on your trip. Your vacation will be anything but relaxing if you end up across the globe without the basic medications your pet needs.  Having a sick dog while you’re trying to enjoy a trip to Paris is maybe the least romantic way to get away to the city of love.

Be sure you have enough medication to cover you in case you get stuck at the airport for an extra day. When you’re on the road, anything that can happen will happen. Be ready for anything and keep your medications together.

Go an extra step and get a pet first aid kit for dogs. In case your dog injures itself while in transit, you may not have a chance to stop. A first aid kit can help your dog get to the next stop without having to make an emergency stop.

Bring Two of (Almost) Everything

Again, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. You could bring a roll of poo bags, and there could be a tear in every single bag. Instead of setting yourself up for failure, why not bring two rolls.

You’ve made a list of the things you need for your road trip, so make sure you have a second one for your dog. You don’t need to pack exactly twice as much food as you need, but you should bring some extras.

Sometimes the struggles of the new environment and travel can lead to loss of appetite, so make sure you do a dog food taste test with some of these tasty treats.  Look for a kibble so delicious that they will not be able to resist Have one travel bowl and a second sturdier bowl for when you’re at your destination.

That way you’ll have a travel dog water bottle and food bowl at all times. Whatever you can think of, take a moment to consider whether you should bring the second one.

Plan Out Breaks

Traveling With a Dog

Any kind of travel can be exhausting. You need bathroom breaks, snacks, a nap, and a book to read. The same goes for your dog. Make sure if you’re getting a bathroom break, your dog is getting one too. If you’re getting a snack, give one to your dog as well.

Make sure you’re maintaining a close connection and a lot of contacts. Travel is stimulating and alienating at the same time for dogs. Make sure they feel safe and calm at all times.

Traveling With Your Dog Should Be Fun

Traveling with your dog should be a fun and exciting journey. You’ve made all kinds of memories together over the years, so why not see the world together? All of the fun and interesting new and old faces you see will be excited to meet the dog they’ve probably only seen in photos. If you’ve decided to go camping with your dog, check out our guide to having the perfect experience in the woods.

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