7 Subtle Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs Repair in Los Angeles

Written By Alla Levin
March 23, 2022

7 Subtle Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs Repair in Los Angeles

The average cost of replacing a commercial roof is around $14,360, depending on the size of the top. Spending $14,000 on a new roof is too much for most small businesses, but they don’t have much choice.

Fortunately, you don’t always have to replace your commercial roof when it starts to give way. A few repairs will get your commercial roof back in tip-top shape. But first, you need to identify indicators that the top needs a fix-up.

The signs that your roof is due for repairs aren’t always that obvious. Most people get caught up in the tell-tale signs and overlook the subtle ones. The result, as you’d expect, is devastating. In today’s post, we’ll be highlighting a couple of subtle signs that show it’s time to repair your commercial roof.

Excessive Humidity

One of the main functions of your roof is to keep excess moisture away from your business premises. When you notice that everything feels sticky and more humid, maybe it has something to do with your roof. It could be a hole or tear in the roof that’s letting in all the moisture.

You may also notice water stains on the ceiling and a musty odor. If that’s the case, arrange for roof repair services ASAP. This problem may burgeon into something worse and cost you a bundle in repair costs.

Skyrocketing Energy BillsSkyrocketing Energy Bills

Have your energy bills been through the roof of late, despite not having any new electrical installations? If they have, you could have a severe problem with your roof. The problem is most likely a roof leak or maybe a couple of them.

With roof leaks, more cold air gets into your business premises. This means that the AC has to work a lot harder to keep the rooms warm. The result is astronomically high energy bills without a clear explanation. The high energy bills will put a dent in your bank account and reduce your profits. The best course of action is to arrange for commercial roof repair as soon as you can.

Musty Odors Inside the Building

Everyone looks out for mold to tell whether there’s any moisture creeping through the roof. However, in some cases, the conditions may not permit mold growth. This, however, doesn’t mean that you don’t have water leaking through the roof. If there’s a pervasive musty odor in the building, it’s most likely an issue with your roof. Most people mask the smell with air fresheners. It does the trick, but this is only a temporary solution.

The musty odor means water is breaching through your commercial roof. Calling for roof repair in Los Angeles will help you get to the root of the problem and make your roof watertight. The roof repair service will also eliminate any mold that may be present.

Clogged Drains

LA residents expect a lot of rain from October through April. Your business roof will have gutters and drains that carry water away from the top. If you notice that the amount of water in the downspout doesn’t match the downpour, you likely have clogged drains.

It’s hard to notice any clogged drains on your commercial roof, and they don’t seem like much of a big deal. The problem with clogged drains is that water can’t exit through the downspout. The water will pond on the roof and increase its loading.

If you’re not careful, the entire roof might come crashing down because of the excess load. If that happens, you’ll have to arrange for a commercial roof replacement that will be super expensive. Arrange for roof repairs ASAP for any clogged drains or pay through the nose.

Bubbles on the Roof

The only way to tell whether your roof has any bubbles is to get on top of it. Any bubbling on your roof is a bad sign that you shouldn’t ignore. This indicates a lot of moisture build-up under the first layer of your roof.

The more bubbles present, the greater the amount of moisture beneath the top layer. Regardless of the number of bubbles, arrange for roof repairs as soon as possible. What starts as tiny bubbles on the roof could develop into an absolute roofing disaster.

Water Stains Inside the Commercial BuildingWater Stains Inside the Commercial Building

It’s easy to attribute water stains on the wall to leaks in your piping system. Instead of looking at your pipes, try looking up. As water leaks from the roof, it leaves not-so-obvious stains on the walls. Covering the colors will hide it, but doing so won’t solve the problem. To solve the problem, you’ll have to call a reputable roof repair company like hproofingpro.com. That way, they can find the source of the leak and fix the problem once and for all.

These tiny water stains could trigger a mold infestation if you’re not too careful. Remember, mold is detrimental to you and your employees’ health. This is especially true for black mold, which causes various respiratory complications.

Ponding on the Roof

A little standing water on your roof after heavy rain is perfectly normal. The problem comes when the pooled water doesn’t disappear, even after 72 hours. Pooled water on the top presents the ideal conditions for mold growth. If the mold doesn’t get you, you’ll have to contend with roof discoloration. A discolored roof is bad for business.

We also mentioned how too much water on the roof compromises its structural integrity. To keep your roof strong and sturdy, get rid of any standing water as soon as you notice it. Also, call a roofing company to check for any blockages or structural deformities on your roof.

Don’t Ignore the Commercial Roof Damage Signs

Arrange for commercial roof repair when you notice any of the above signs. Remember, the earlier you deal with it, the better it is for your roof. If things get out of hand, you’re better off arranging a commercial roof replacement instead. Don’t forget to check out the other posts on the site for more informative content.

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