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How to Choose the Best Doodle for Your Family

So, you’re ready to become a part of the Doodle craze? Or perhaps you’ve already owned a Doodle dog, and you’re ready to embark on your next great adventure! Either way, you want the very best doodle for your family. We’re here to break down the steps of finding the perfect doodle and choosing the right one for your family.

Step 1: Break Down Your Lifestyle

Take a minute to break down your lifestyle and consider what dog would be best suited for your family’s general schedule, activity level, and housing availability.

Questions to Consider:

  • Are you allowed pets where you live?
  • Are you prepared to properly train a dog?
  • Do you have a yard? (this doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker!)
  • Does your budget have room for a dog?
  • Do you have time for a dog?

Before getting a Doodle, you’ll want to ensure you have time in your schedule to train and care for a dog and be financially capable of caring for your dog long term. With doodles, they often need regular grooming, which can be an added expense compared to dogs that shed.

When it comes to your activity level and living habits, identify what kind of family you are. Maybe you’re a highly active family, taking trips each weekend and even long vacations that require an airplane ride. Many people assume you’ll want a larger dog for an active family.

However, you might still consider a tiny dog with high energy levels, allowing the family to bring their new doodle on flights in a carrier instead of finding him a dog sitter back home. If you take vacations regularly, it only makes sense that you want your new furry family member to be included!

There’s such a variety of families and needs some families may prefer a more sedentary lifestyle. It’s not uncommon to enjoy some time on the couch playing Mario Kart with the kids or even sitting down to play a few board games each weekend. Suppose you’re a very low activity family who prefers a BBQ in the backyard instead of a hike up the nearest mountain.

You could consider a dog with lower exercise requirements or budget for an alternative solution such as a dog treadmill or hiring a dog walker to satisfy your doodle’s energy needs.

Who knows, maybe you’re a healthy mixture of both! Once you’ve identified your lifestyle, you can investigate different doodles you’re interested in, learn about each dog’s temperament, and gather general expectations of how they would fit into your family.

Step 2: Do Your ResearchBest Doodle for Family

Now that we’ve established your lifestyle, it’s time to research. Making sure the doodle you pick is compatible with your lifestyle is critical for a peaceful transition when welcoming a new pet into the family. You’ll want to compare your favorite doodle breeds with what you’re prepared to offer. Of course, some compromise can be made, but be wary of making too many changes to accommodate a dog since this could result in a poorly matched doodle for your family.

As you research different doodle breeds, return to the fundamental questions listed above. If your housing has a particular weight requirement for pets, don’t expect to find a way around it! In cases where there are restrictions, you will know that the doodle you pick will have to fit that requirement. So, in this case, where size is a concern, you may consider a doodle that stays as small as 5lbs-10lbs fully grown!

Step 3: Get Everyone in the Family on Board

Owning a dog is a big commitment, so before you jump into getting your new doodle, make sure the family is all on the same page and ultimately in agreement! To avoid confusion or frustration in the future, have a family meeting to discuss the new expectations of owning a dog.

Establish house rules and answer any questions ahead of time: “Are pets allowed on the furniture?” “Can we feed our doodle table scraps?” Discuss who will be expected to do the potty breaks in the middle of the night and whose responsibility it will be to feed your new doodle each day.

Suppose anyone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma. In that case, you might want to research more information about Whoodles since they’re almost guaranteed to be hypoallergenic. Both parents of the Whoodle have non-shedding coats but make sure to spend time around this breed beforehand because people can still develop allergies to dog saliva and urine proteins. But when allergies are involved, a Whoodle would be a much stronger contender than, say, an Aussiedoodle who relies solely on the poodle parent for his low-shedding coat. 

Step 4: Pick The PuppyBest Doodle for Family

Now that you’ve narrowed it down to one specific doodle breed that fits your family’s lifestyle and everyone’s on board, you begin your search for a breeder! Finding the doodle you want at a price you’re comfortable with can be tricky, depending on which doodle is suitable for your family. The cost of a Goldendoodle will be much less than a rare or exotic doodle such as an Eskipoo (American Eskimo Dog and Poodle). Generally, the more popular a breed is, the more readily available and less expensive it will be.

Once you’ve selected a breeder, placed a deposit, and are allowed to pick your special puppy from his littermates, you can further enhance your choice by choosing the doodle with a temperament to match your family. Some puppies are more shy and reserved, whereas some are outgoing and social.

Learning about the specific puppies in your litter can give you the last bit of information necessary to choose the best doodle for your family. Lastly, enjoy! Picking the perfect doodle is not easy, but if you make it this far, you’re in for a fantastic journey with your new furry companion.

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