3 Weird Dog Facts That You May Have Never Known

Written By Alla Levin
June 14, 2020

Weird Dog Facts That You May Have Never Known

There is beauty in learning something new. In this case, you will learn something new about your favorite pet. Sometimes, our dogs have behaviors that we do not understand.

They move around oddly, and we never seem to know what they want. Learning a few dog facts may come in as a handy tool. You will never know when you will be able to use these bits of dog info.

Rest assured, you will be ready when the situation comes. You can also use these facts to help you treat man’s best friend even better. We know that you love your dogs. Sometimes, our love for our furry pets may even exceed our appreciation for others.

Take this as an opportunity, check this infographic to learn something new about your four-legged best friend.  These weird facts about dogs can be the perfect tool you need to treat your dogs better.

Train Your Dogs Using Hand Signals

You can train your dog anything with the use of hand signals. You do not necessarily have to do any flashy forms of training your dog. Your dog can pick up patterns through your hand signals. Maybe you can finally teach your dog to sit, roll over, and play dead.

Training your dogs can result in better communication and trust between both of you. There is nothing that feels better when you and your dog operate on the same frequency. You can even train all the dogs in your household. Train everyone and move like a pack whenever you go out in public!

Professional dog trainers prefer when a dog knows what to do. The mere act of understanding its surroundings and its tasks can create a safer environment.

You can make everyone feel safer, including yourself, around your dog.

Dogs Cannot Eat Chocolates

Whenever your dogs beg profusely for a chocolate bar you are eating, it is best not to give in to the puppy’s eyes. A certain amount of chocolate can be lethal to dogs.

The dose depends on the breed, size, age of the dog. If you want to be sure you should keep your dog away from chocolates. It would be best if you told everyone in your household that dogs are not allowed to eat chocolates.

You will never know when your dogs will try to use their puppy dog eyes to get a little bite. You do not want the next meal of your dog to be the last.

Chocolate contains a toxic chemical to dogs that cause seizures. Ingesting chocolate also decreases the blood flow to the brain of your dog.  You want your best friend to be safe and to be able to play with you. Keep him or her away from chocolates.

Dogs Have More Than Two Eyelids

Our furry friends have three eyelids! You may ask how your dog can have three eyelids when you only see two eyes.

Our dogs have a third eyelid called the nictitating membrane, or the ‘haw.’ This nictitating membrane is responsible for keeping the eyes always protected and lubricated.

It is probably best that our dogs have all the eye protection and lubrication in the world.  We will never know what our furry, four-legged friends are always up to, and this third eyelid should keep them safe.

TakeawayWeird Dog Facts

We hope that you can use these weird dog facts to your advantage. Now you know some of the worst things to feed your dog. You would not want your dog to eat something from you and catch a seizure.

We want you and your dogs to have a fun time playing together. After all, dogs are man’s best friend. When an odd behavior arises, we hope that you can use these dog facts to respond in the best way possible.

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