What is Maisonneuve Fracture of the Ankle?

Written By Alla Levin
March 24, 2022

What is Maisonneuve Fracture of the Ankle?

Being in the lower extremity, the ankle is highly prone to fractures. Another factor for this is that ankle joint is among the most weight-bearing joints. Though normal fractures can be commonly noticed, there is one uncommon type of fracture as well that occurs in the ankle joint. That is what we are going to discuss here in the post.

Maisonneuve fracture is what we were talking about. It is a rare condition characterized by a break in the ankle joint. The reason why Maisonneuve fracture is uncommon is its specific cause. Treatment of such a fracture requires surgery in most cases, and for that, Orthopedic Implants and Instruments are required. Before moving ahead, let us first see what this fracture type is.

Maisonneuve Fracture – An Introduction

It is a type of ankle fracture that occurs due to forceful outward twisting of the ankle. This is the specific cause of the condition and hence, it is counted among uncommon fractures. According to studies, this type of fracture is also characterized by a subtle break below the knee joint plus, the syndesmotic ligament also gets injured. To get the correct treatment, it is very much important to get the condition diagnosed timely and correctly.

Maisonneuve fracture is named after a French Surgeon who described and explained the cause of this condition. Dr. Jules Germain Maisonneuve explained this fracture as a pronation-external rotation injury as per the Lauge-Hansen Classification System. It is a type of spiral fracture that could occur while playing high-intensity sports or falling from a height.

Symptoms of Maisonneuve FractureWhat is Maisonneuve Fracture of the Ankle

Pain and swelling are the two most common symptoms that are experienced during fractures. These symptoms are also noticed in the case of Maisonneuve fractures but, it is very important to carefully identify their location.

The medial malleolus is the area where these symptoms are seen in Maisonneuve fractures. It is also characterized by the reduced range of motion and the inability to put weight on the injured ankle. In most cases, tenderness around the proximal fibula is also there.

Sometimes, severe injury to soft tissues is also accompanied by the fracture and this often complicates the treatment. The tension between the tibia, fibula, and talus is also experienced due to injury to the syndesmotic ligament.

Causes of Maisonneuve Fracture

Maisonneuve fracture occurs due to forceful external rotation of the ankle, and such a situation arises due to multiple causes. These types of fractures can be seen in people who play high-intensity sports, falling from a height, and in some cases due to automobile accidents.

Diagnosis of Maisonneuve Fracture

A combination of medical history, physical examination, and imaging tests is required to correct the condition’s diagnosis. Here, it is very important to confirm the cause of the condition as it can help the healthcare service provider get an idea of whether it could be a Maisonneuve fracture.

During the physical examination, visible signs like swelling and tenderness to touch will be noticed, along with painful locations and movements. A series of x-ray examinations will be ordered to confirm the fracture pattern and assess other associated injuries.

Treatment of Maisonneuve Fracture

Surgery is the most feasible treatment of Maisonneuve fractures, where the stabilization of fractured and displaced bone is done using orthopedic implants like bone screws. Surgical intervention is also done to repair damaged syndesmotic ligaments.

In cases where the broken bone is not displaced much or surgery cannot be done in the patient, non-surgical treatment methods are suggested.

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