What to Consider When Putting Together a Wedding Photo Album

Written By Alla Levin
March 24, 2022

What to Consider When Putting Together a Wedding Photo Album

A wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so it makes sense that there are going to be a lot of photos. This calls for a photo album. In fact, as there will be so many photos taken on such as special day, you could consider wholesale photo book printing and get photo books as a beautiful gift for all your family.

If your big day has come, or you’re still looking forward to it, you can follow our guide to see what you can do to make a beautiful wedding photo album. Read on for all the details.

There are photos coming in everywhere

Even before we had cameras on our phones, and our phones weren’t left at home hooked to the wall, everyone was taking photos at a wedding. In fact, disposable cameras used to be left as favors on the tables or in gift bags.

They used to be handed to the bride and groom at the end of the night to enjoy and go through together and add to the photo album.

But now everyone is an amateur photographer, and everyone has a camera ready. It doesn’t even take any effort of posing or getting everyone in. We’ll get them eventually. More candid photos than ever are getting taken at a wedding when you can point and shoot with an item that is likely already in your hand.

Instead, the bag of disposable cameras has turned into a social media group chat, where the bride asks everyone to send her their photos. You can still put them into a physical photo book, though, with photo album websites, to make a more permanent experience.

Embrace the candid and crazyEmbrace the candid and crazy

But so many people handing in so many photos isn’t a recipe for cohesiveness. You might not even like this aspect if you’re the bride or groom imagining a “perfect” wedding. The photos you get might have filters, different camera settings, even from the same phones, and will cover everything from the mother of the bride taking pictures of the bridesmaids getting dressed to the kids’ dance moves and the groomsman passed out after too many drinks.

These can be enjoyable photos to flip through. Once the ceremony’s over, a wedding is essentially a party, made up of all your friends and family. That will create a lot of stories to be shared, and the jumping-off point for these stories are photos. You’ll likely have your professional photos to evoke a magical and dreamlike feeling of your big day, but it’s fun to remember the joyful chaos.

Pick a theme

This might go directly against the idea of embracing the chaos but hear me out. If you want to display everything with cohesion, you can separate your photos into themes to make things flow better or even separate them into different albums.

One could be your beautiful shots, the ones you got professionally taken, or evoke a lot of romance and love around the day. Another can be filled with the bridesmaids screaming at the camera, the grandparents laughing at the table, and the crazy dance moves.

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