How To Silence A Noisy Laptop Fan: Things You Can Do

Written By Alla Levin
March 28, 2022

How To Silence A Noisy Laptop Fan: Things You Can Do

Laptops are handy and easy to work with. You can work on your laptop anywhere, anytime. But everything comes with a price. Because of the less space inside, it tends to overheat. That’s why a laptop fan is there. It is a built-in feature and a necessary part of our laptops. It helps to prevent multiple laptop parts from overheating.

It cools down parts like the CPU, which is the Central Processing Unit. But whenever your laptop fan starts to struggle in cooling down the laptop, it starts making a bothersome noise. Laptop fans functioning poorly can damage and shut down a laptop.

But what happens when the laptop fan is making a loud noise? Those who are continuously on their laptop can relate to it. It’s a little annoying and sometimes even more so. This can happen to anyone no matter how old or new their laptop is. So, it’s essential to know the reasons and their solutions.

How To Silence A Noisy Laptop Fan?How To Silence A Noisy Laptop Fan

What is needed to make the noise laptop fan quieter? It doesn’t take much trouble if you know your device well. At first, you need to make sure it’s your laptop fan that is making all the intolerable noise. Now to minimize and prevent the noise you can try some effective ways to fix laptop sound technical issues.

Give Space For Air Circulation

We know that the cooling fans are at the bottom of our laptop, which means little space for the airflow of the device. If there is no space remaining for air circulation, the laptop’s temperature tends to get higher, which requires running the fans at their maximum to cool down the heat and results in more fan noise.

So, whenever you are on your laptop, don’t keep it on any soft furnishings like a soft pillow or blanket. Otherwise, the vents which allow airflow will get blocked. A wooden table or desk is a better choice. Use anything to keep the laptop up, leaving some space between the bottom and the surface. You will find ventilated laptop stands on online sites like Amazon to keep your laptop up from the surface.

Clean Out The Dust And DirtClean Out The Dust And Dirt

Dust and dirt accumulated inside the laptop is the most common problem. Laptops can get dirty outside and inside. Dust and dirt accumulation can damage and hamper laptop functioning. One of the damages might be blocking the fan blades from spinning. Hence, this blockage results in louder and noisier spinning.

Too much dust generates too much heat. Then the fans are required to spin faster. So, it is of equal importance to keep the inside of the laptop clean. You can ask any professional to do the proper cleaning for you. Also, you can choose to do it by yourself if you know what you are doing.

Open the backside of your laptop with a screwdriver. Give the fan and the air vents cleaning with an air duster. You can use an air-compressed can or take a cotton swab and clean the laptop with some isopropyl alcohol. Cleaning the laptop makes it work faster and better also.

Find And Destroy Malware

Without any antivirus, malware can infect your laptop. Malware is a type of virus that slows down the laptop and raises the temperature. With malware on it, even the simple processes make the laptop noisier. Go to the task manager and look for any strange processes’ names to find malware. Not being able to detect what those are, you can google it.

If you don’t find any valid information on those processes, then it might be malware. If there is nothing on the task manager, it does not mean your laptop is not infected by any malware. Viruses can remain hidden and not easily noticeable. So, Scan your laptop with an antivirus program. It is suggested to keep an antivirus program on your laptop. Getting rid of the viruses, laptops work more smoothly. Thus, minimizing the chance of loud noise.

Shut Down Unnecessary ProgramsShut Down Unnecessary Programs

Working people or gamers who are constantly on their laptops keep many tabs, files, and programs open at a time. If you are running more than two or three programs at a time, it tends to make your fan noisy. It requires more effort by the processor to keep all the programs running. Many of them may lead to unwanted overheating and loud noise, even if they are in the background.

To prevent this, you need to be careful and use only the essential programs at a time. To do so, open the task manager by right-clicking on the taskbar. Go to the process tab. Remove all those tabs and processes which are not needed anymore.

Use Laptop-Cooling Devices

Use laptop cooling devices such as laptop cooling pads, cooling base plates, vacuum fan coolers, etc. Additional coolers are used to cool down the laptops and prevent overheating. Place a few additional coolers underneath or beside your laptop. It will help to reduce the pressure on your laptop fan. Laptop coolers maximize airflow, which keeps the laptop cool.

Placing the coolers is an ideal addition if you use your laptop on the top of any desk. But if you are working on your laptop in any other not-so-static place, then placing the coolers can be troublesome. Also, external coolers aren’t a long-term solution if your laptop is continuously overheating and making noise.

How to Silence a Noisy Laptop Fan: Final Thought

If the laptop is too old to function well, then you might think of getting a new one. Old devices do get worn out. They are resulting in getting hot and noisy frequently. But new laptops also can produce noise. It’s not rare. In this case, learning all those tactics can help detect the cause of the noise.

But if using all the tricks and techniques discussed above doesn’t work, you might think of replacing a loud fan with a new one. You can also consult an expert. Laptops need proper care whether be inside or outside. Usually, playing games or doing intensive activities can heat the device. Laptop fans get noisier when the hot air inside the laptop gets stuck, hampering the airflow. So, make sure you are placing your laptop right while working.

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