How To Fix A Broken Android Charger
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How To Fix A Broken Android Charger Cord

Knowing how to fix a broken Android charger cord is a necessary skill that could be helpful to all Android users. Especially if one has a present need for it. Whether the individual is using the phone for learning, a job, or fun, a broken charger cord can be frustrating and dangerous. It affects the charging process and dents the plans of the individual at that moment.

Users can only optimize a fully charged Android device. But where the device could not charge due to a broken charger cord, it causes many problems. The good news is that users can fix a broken charger cord without the help of a professional repairer. So, before purchasing a new charger, the users can try out some quick fixes. This comprehensive guide attempts to be a one-stop guide on all there is to know about how to fix a broken Android charger cord.

How To Fix A Broken Android Charger Cord

After using a charging cable all day long to charge a device, it might likely twist, bend, pull, or break. A broken Android charger cord can be disturbing because the phone won’t charge. However, the breakage is found where the cord sheath is worn or inside the USB. Users can fix a bent android charger and a broken android charger. Here are the possible solutions to help fix a broken Android charger cord.

The cord broke with a significant deformation at the feed line breakpoint

When this happens, the remedy is straightforward. First, the user should use a wire cutter or scissors to cut out the wires at the breakpoint of the cable. Take off the outer sheath or protective covering of the cord. Next, the user should remove the damaged parts of the cable and arrange the length for a better connection. After that, the user should take off about 2mm of insulation from both sides of the cord.

Reconnect the wires again, if need be. But the best option is for the user to use a crimper. Thus, using tape, the user should insulate the area again to secure it. This is a tactic that one can use to resolve the broken cord glitch. Now the user has a functioning charger cord.

The break could be close to the connection plugHow To Fix A Broken Android Charger

Although, if the broken cord was near the connecting plug, it might require a total replacement. The Android user can attempt to fix the damage first before purchasing a new cable. First, buy the necessary connection. Then using a wire cutter or scissors, cut out the wire at the fraction point.

Next, take off approximately 5mm of the cable jacket and 2mm of insulation. According to the micro USB and USB diagram, reconnect the wires. Then close the plug and secure it. The user can seal the cable connection with electrical or insulation tape.

The Damage Might Be Near The Power Unit

If the individual cannot detach the cable from the power source, the user should attempt soldering the wire to the motherboard of the charger. Here is how to solder wires. First, the cord should be disconnected from power to avoid electric shocks. Then cut off the wire that is close to the power source. It should tell where the damage occurred.

Trim the battery charger in half. The user should unsolder and remove all old wires on the motherboard. Place insulation on the wires and power cord. Reconnect the cables to the motherboard. After the breakpoint, the user can assemble the parts of the charger case. It has solved the problem.

Damage To The Outer Sheath Of The Cord

Even when the cord broke outside, overlooking the issue is not advisable. Insulation or electrical tape comes in handy here. The user should join and connect the broken pieces of the cord. This method helps to avoid further damage or serious harm. It also makes the charger work well.

Kinds Of Charger Cable Damage

There are various kinds of damage an Android cable can suffer. The damage might be minute and fixable. While other times buying a new charger might be better if the damage is huge and unfixable. The users should consider assessing the damage before trying to fix it thoroughly.

Therefore, the most common kind of charger cable damage is breaking. It implies that the charger’s cable is broken, either close to the connection plug or the outer sheath of the cord itself. A broken charger cord is typical damage to all sorts of cables, including the detachable USB cord. Another charger cable damage is that the cord may open if the cable is usually bent.

A damaged Android charger affects the cord’s performance and hinders the charging process. However, the user should not ignore these charger cable damages because they may result in a long-lasting problem.

Risk Of Using A Broken Android Charger CordKinds Of Charger Cable Damage

  • Damage to the Phone: A broken android cord reduces the flow of electricity. This power fluctuation affects the internal parts of the mobile phone. Using a fractured charger cord to charge a device damages the phone because of its unstable power flow;
  • Electric Shocks: Exposing worn-out wires is harmful. The charging cable casing is a shield that covers the naked wires. When a charger is broken, the casing is more likely to be affected. The cord has currents running through the wires. At this point, if one comes in contact with such a charger, the individual will experience an electric shock;
  • Deadly Electrocution: When there is a large voltage of electrical currents, it could result in fatal electrocution. When little children or pets touch such a cable, it may lead to death. So, if kids come in contact with a broken android charge, the aftermath may be terrible;
  • Electrical Fires: Using a broken Android charger could result in overheating. Overheating of a mobile device might cause electrical fires. This poses a great danger to users’ lives, families, and properties. Electrical fire is a common risk when users use a broken cord.

Ways To Prevent Broken Android Charger Cord

  • Users should learn the correct way to insert and remove the charger cord. It is done by holding the cable conductor and not the main cord;
  • Individuals should avoid bending and twisting the charging cables;
  • Users should always roll the cables with care before storing them;
  • Individuals should avoid using one charging cord for multiple devices.

Bottom Line

Without a doubt, the concerns on how to fix a broken Android charger cord would have been tackled by reading this article. It is unpleasant to have a broken Android charger cord. But there are means of getting it fixed without hiring the services of an electrician. This guide is worth the effort because it provides straightforward solutions to the problem.

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