The Main Trends in the Laptop Market and How They Affect Consumers

Written By Alla Levin
April 21, 2021
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The Main Trends in the Laptop Market and How They Affect Consumers

Every market is subject to trends and patterns, and laptops are no different. Every year, manufacturers create new devices based on buying habits and trends in the wider technology market. For buyers, these trends should be considered when investing in a new device as they must choose the technology that is right for them from the myriad options currently on the market. To narrow down this search, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top trends in the laptop market today and provided us with insight into how they 

can be used to make the right decision when buying such an important piece of technology.

Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) screens

OLED screens have been a staple in the TV market for quite some time. This trend is still spreading into the laptop space, with top manufacturers such as Alienware, Dell, and HP all introducing products that integrate this innovative technology into their screens. The result is a crystal-clear screen that’s perfect for those looking to stream movies, play games, enter tricky code, or perform a task that requires a bright and clear screen.

Redesign of old laptop models

Many laptop makers have opted to slightly redesign old versions of existing models rather than create completely new devices, as is the case with the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and the Dell XPS 15. For buyers, this may raise questions about whether it is better to buy a new model or refurbish their existing machine.

Laptops can be easily repaired and made as good as new, so consumers can consider repairing existing technology before looking for a new device that is just a little bit different. If you’re looking for someone who can do this, consider using CPR’s laptop repair service as they can do same-day repairs, which is helpful if you rely on your PC and don’t want to go without it for too long.

Trends in the laptop market: powerful gaming devicesrent a laptop or rent a macbook

Laptops designed specifically for gaming have been a major focus of the technology market for quite some time, and today these machines are powerful and made with gamers in mind. Like the Asus Mothership, many are designed to look like existing products, in this case, the Microsoft Surface, so gamers can enjoy trendy aesthetics combined with processors and technology created to ensure an enticing gaming experience.

Those who enjoy gaming should consider the range of options available and cherish the idea of ​​selecting a device specifically for gaming so that they can make the most of the features these laptops have and the improvements they can make to their gameplay. You can now also rent a laptop or rent a macbook for a short period for a powerful gaming session with friends on the weekend.

Laptop/tablet hybrids

Tablets have been a popular option for buyers for many years. Recently, devices that combine the portable touchscreen of a tablet with the ruggedness and keyboard functions of a laptop have been a great way for users to enjoy the best of both options on one machine. These creative hybrids are the ideal choice for laptop users looking for a versatile, portable device.

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