How to Begin a Weed Delivery Service
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How to Begin a Weed Delivery Service?

If you are short on budget and want to earn maximum profits, then it’s best to start a business marijuana delivery service rather than the conventional approach of establishing a dispensary. This marijuana business will provide you with a great opportunity for offering 1-on-1 service to customers. Here in this article, we will share the main steps to begin the Mississauga weed delivery service business. Let’s have a look.

Establish the financial model

First, you have to formulate the financial model of your weed delivery service business. This will cover your entire investment, expense items, financial goals, and sales.

Formulate a business plan

Next, you have to build a business plan for your weed delivery service. It will help you supervise your business progress, sales, recruitment process, inventory, suppliers, and surely it will assist you in your marijuana delivery license.

Licensingmarijuana products and services

In most provinces and territories of Canada, a marijuana delivery service is legitimate between licensed zones by a licensee representative or the licensee himself. A marijuana retailer has to take permission from the concerned officials before delivering marijuana products and services.

Also, there might be some restrictions on the total retail value of marijuana products that need to be delivered. You must understand the marijuana delivery approval procedure and prerequisites for your country, province, and territory.


Beginning a marijuana delivery service requires you to purchase or lease a costly store for keeping your inventory. Make sure your selected store is safe enough, legal enough, and big enough to keep the stock. Keeping your inventory secure while it’s in the store is as important as it is while it’s on the road.

Make sure to keep sufficient stock to meet all expected orders. Explore the existing marijuana demand in the region you decide to serve. This information will assist you to figure out how many marijuana products you require. Learn the laws and rules relating to the quantity of marijuana you can stock in addition to the quantity you’re authorized to deliver once.


You will require a secure, powerful, and reliable vehicle, which can completely comply with the local laws relating to vehicle use for weed delivery purposes. Also, your vehicle has to comply with the automobile registration laws. In general, the vehicle must be:

  • Capable of protecting marijuana products during transportation;
  • Supplied with a reliable alarm system;
  • Temperature is controlled if volatile marijuana products are being delivered.


The majority of the individuals who opt for marijuana delivery services, consider it a burden to visit a physical dispensary. In either case, you have to register your clients.


Some strict rules need to be followed for advertising your marijuana products and services. Even social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have advertising guidelines that limit the advertisement of marijuana items.

Google’s advertising policy bans ads that advertise substances that change mental conditions for recreational purposes. Facebook limits any recreational drugs or illicit prescriptions, whereas Twitter prohibits illegal drugs. But nothing to worry about as you can promote your delivery service through different platforms, including, canvas,,, etc.

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