How AI Voices Are Shaping the Audio Advertisement Industry

Written By Alla Levin
March 31, 2022

How AI Voices Are Shaping the Audio Advertisement Industry

Voices generated by artificial intelligence (AI) have become a tremendous business standpoint for a simple reason: traditional advertising tactics are being disrupted by the online environment. In a congested media landscape, advertisers are consistently looking for ways to break through the bluster of new information and get the attention of their target audience. Since audio advertising has the great potential to overcome these obstacles, it has become a vital channel for marketing.

The Emerging Trend of Audio Advertising

We incorporate voice devices into nearly every part of our life. Hence, audio content is increasingly competing with visual content for activities such as housework, athletics, recreation, and commuting. We prefer to perceive information by hearing when we are immersed in these chores so that our arms and eyes are freed.

This is where AI voices are rapidly transforming the way we live by delivering more versatility and comfort than we could have anticipated. They save us time and resources while increasing our productivity by great strides.

AI voices can also assist businesses in catering to customers who do not speak a particular language fluently. As a result, your brand’s reach expands. Let’s delve a little further to comprehend the entire spectrum of this technology and its benefits.

Top 3 Benefits of Using AI Voices to Boost Audio AdvertisingBoost Audio Advertising

Sonic branding strategy

People can consume audio content on practically any device while engaged with other stuff. That’s why, when we are not available for other forms of advertising during the day, audio advertising can capture us. As a result, more businesses are devoting time and resources to sonic branding.

It is a marketing approach that employs sound or voice to increase brand recognition. AI voices can assist brands in perfecting their sonic branding strategy and creating something truly unique and special.

Delivering a personalized experience

Listening to text requires more effort than seeing a video. It is because you must envision something after hearing it. Thus, audio content has a greater influence on the listener’s minds and sticks there longer than visual content.

Now, adding a layer of personalization to audio content is surely a game-changer. Personalization is essential if you want to build a long-lasting business. Using AI voices is not time-consuming and requires little work on your part. As a result, they can assist you in developing a greater connection with your target audience. An AI voice gives the proper mix of automated assistance to ad campaign commercials or customer services. Trying to engage your target audience in this manner will allow you to drive higher conversions.

Effective production of quality voiceovers

Advertisers are known for coordinating a plethora of duties; booking a voice artist adds a significant amount of extra effort to their schedule. Collaboration with a human actor not only necessitates demoing many voices, reserving a recording studio, organizing takes and retakes, but it might take months to finish each of these jobs and to coordinate between them.

On the other hand, AI voices allow advertisers to quickly select a Voice Avatar for their brand, upload a script, get the voiceovers, and get done with the job. When convenient, all postprocessing and post-production can be accomplished within a unified system.

Another advantage of AI voices over human artists is quality, particularly when recorded in-house. To create high-quality voiceovers, specialized recording equipment, studio acoustics, and software solutions are required.

Most businesses do not have a dedicated space for this purpose. AI voices allow advertisers to deliver a consistent, crisp, and professional quality voiceover using a computer program, thus eliminating the requirement of a professional audio studio or in-house improvised facility.

3 Tips for Crafting an Audio Ad That Will Captivate Your Audience’s AttentionCrafting an Audio Ad

  • Keep things basic and understandable

People listening to your commercial are usually busy with some other stuff. Their focus is already dispersed. Thus, it is preferable to reduce the relevant information they must remember. You only have around 30 seconds to capture your listener’s attention, so make it count.

  • Consistency is the key

Audio advertising is yet another technique to advertise your brand. It’s why everything, from crafting a narrative for your ad to getting it placed on specific platforms, must seem like a professional and inquisitive process.

  • Be cordial

Most audiences enjoy listening to likable content that communicates effectively, enthusiastically, and eloquently. This is especially true for audio ad audiences: listeners turn on their favorite playlist or podcast to have a fine experience. Hence, attempt to keep your advertisement as subtle as possible.


AI voice technology is among the most intriguing technology developments for advertising teams, with the opportunity to scale with voice, bridge gaps in operations, and establish their market presence in a more expedient, productive, and cost-effective fashion than it has ever been.

As a result, putting in the work and supplying these linguistic functionalities may propel you to the high end of the market. Businesses must hunt out any opportunities in the AI voices domain to capitalize on the technology’s potential.

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