Received a Pay Rise? Here are 6 Ways to Treat Yourself

Written By Alla Levin
April 08, 2022

Received a Pay Rise? Here are 6 Ways to Treat Yourself

Receiving a pay rise for whatever reason is always exciting. Maybe you’ve performed exceptionally well at work, or maybe your boss decided everyone deserves a salary increase. Whatever the case, you should consider using some of that cash for an indulgent treat.

This list isn’t going to cover things like investing and saving. Although those financial decisions are essential, this list is more focused on how to treat yourself for a job well done.

After all, you can still be sensible with money while allowing yourself a once-in-a-lifetime vacation or the car you’ve dreamt about for years! So, if you’ve recently received a pay rise and have more money to splurge than usual, here are six ways to treat yourself.

Upgrade Your Car

Have you been eyeing up a brand-new car model? If so, a pay rise is a perfect time to go for it. You can sell your old car and upgrade to an even better one to save money. If you have a luxury car that you want to upgrade, use We Buy Exotics to ensure a smooth sale.

After the sale, find a great deal on the vehicle you truly want. Alternatively, you might be happy with the basics in your current vehicle but know that, with a few changes, it could really be your dream car. Whether it’s getting your windows tinted, private plates, or an upgraded sound system, you don’t have to spend thousands on a new car to give yourself the driving experience you want.

Eat at a High-end Restaurant

Most people need a good reason to eat out at a high-end restaurant. While the oysters and salmon may have tempted you for a while, the price tag isn’t always digestible. However, getting a pay rise is the perfect time to spend slightly too much on an exquisite meal. Treat your partner, a friend, or some of your family to a delectable evening out.

Take a VacationTake a Vacation

Vacations are expensive, so it’s a good idea to wait until you come into more cash to take one. A pay rise is an ideal time to do so. Save up for several months until you have the money for an amazing vacation that you and your family/partner/friends will remember forever.

Invest in that Renovation

Renovations are not the most exciting, but the result is enough to call it a treat – especially if you want an extravagant renovation that instantly improves your home. Whether you want a brand-new kitchen, bathroom, or even a small library where the office used to be, use your pay rise to go for it.

Throw a Get-together

Celebrations would be in order, especially if you got a pay rise due to a promotion. Invite your friends and families over for a small but memorable get-together. Don’t forget to go all out with the food and drink!

Move to Your Dream Home

Moving to your dream home isn’t exactly the cheapest endeavor. If you have received a significant pay rise, though, then you could start the journey toward finally achieving that dream. After all, settling down in a home you truly love is the ultimate goal for many.

Whichever way you treat yourself after a pay rise, make sure it’s something you truly enjoy. Everyone deserves something they really want from time to time, and a pay rise is perfect.

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