How To Get Cryptocurrency From DeFi in The Real World?

Written By Alla Levin
April 10, 2022

How To Get Cryptocurrency From DeFi in The Real World?

More and more people are starting to get interested in the DeFi sector. Crypto enthusiasts buy tokens from various promising projects, hoping that they can make a profit. To receive income in the blockchain, transactions between different DeFi wallets and platforms are often necessary.

People can use special services like Uniswap, Pancakeswap, SushiSwap, Saddle Finance, or others. Conducting such transactions is quite simple and does not require much time.

But for every crypto investor comes a time when he needs to withdraw the money from the balance. This task is not easy, especially if clients hold all the assets in the DeFi wallet. Below, you can get more information about getting DeFi tokens in the real world.

Picking the Reliable Exchange

It is impossible to make a transaction between the DeFi wallet and the bank account. People need to use the services of an intermediary to do this. The best companies in this process are well-known centralized exchanges such as Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, and others. Enthusiasts should pick platforms with a good reputation and regulatory support. These companies can provide a high level of protection, fast transactions, and a massive selection of available tokens and fiat currencies.

No less attention should be paid to the list of coins available on the site. Not every exchange can conduct transactions with the required token. So, for example, if a client seeks to withdraw a YLD coin, he will look for the proper exchange for a long time. Only some platforms support this digital asset. Investors should also examine the list of available fiat currencies like GBP, USD, EUR, and others. If the exchange cannot provide the necessary assets, you need to look for another platform.

How to Get Cryptocurrency: Withdrawing tokens from the DeFi walletHow to Get Cryptocurrency

If a crypto enthusiast seeks to get DeFi coins into the real world, the first step is to transfer them to a centralized exchange. Go to your DeFi wallet page. Depending on the type of wallet blockchain network, the procedure may differ, but usually, you only need to enter some personal data. More popular crypto wallets are Metamask, YIELD, and MyEtherWallet. To transfer tokens to the exchange, follow the next instructions.

  1. Go to the centralized exchange account and copy the address of the wallet;
  2. Return to the DeFi wallet page. Go to the Withdrawal section. Select the token you want to off-ramp;
  3. A page will open in front of you, on which you must paste the wallet address copied earlier. Enter the desired sum of money;
  4. Click the Send button. Within a few minutes, the tokens must be on the exchange wallet.

Crypto enthusiasts can continuously track a transaction with a network scanner. One of the most popular services is Etherscan and BSCscan. GAS must be paid for such a financial transaction. This fee is essential for the successful completion of the operation.

How to Get Cryptocurrency: Getting DeFi coins to the real world

Now people can proceed to withdraw money to their bank account. First, they must ensure that the system has saved data on the client’s debit/bank card. If not, investors should replenish the exchange wallet to have no problems in the future. Detailed instructions for withdrawing money will be described below.

  1. Convert tokens to fiat currencies. This can be done on a separate platform tab. The system does not require fees for this procedure;
  2. Go to Withdrawal. The underlined instructions are described there;
  3. Enter the desired amount and click the Send button.

You should check whether the name and surname match in the personal exchange profile and debit/credit card. Otherwise, the system will not complete the transaction. The bank may require a fee for a financial operation. The processing period ranges from several hours to several days.

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