Efficiency and Productivity Tips for 2022

Written By Alla Levin
April 20, 2022

10 Ways to be More Efficient and Productive in 2022

Achieving the greatest productivity levels can sometimes prove difficult. Firstly, what are the greatest productivity levels, and will they work for you? Is there a size fit?

No, like with many things, customizing it to suit your lifestyle offers the best way forward. There are recommended books to help guide you and there is also life experience.

One sure-fire way to navigate and figure out the best efficiency for yourself is to understand what efficiency and productivity mean to you. In the meantime, check out our list to help you become a more productive you.

Keep a steady schedule

It is difficult to stick to your schedule at times. Life happens, work happens, everything just happens. But to balance your life for a more efficient and purpose-driven lifestyle you will need to keep a schedule and stick to it.

If you have a full day of work with multiple calls in-between, make sure to block the times where you get a gap to catch up on other duties.

In your personal life adopt the same approach. Honor your schedule. Consistency adds a lot of value, so an example would be to start work at the same time every day or even log off from work at the same time.

This way you train yourself to be on time and to prioritize. There are many ways to keep a consistent schedule that will help you with productivity.

Consistency is keyWays to be More Efficient

To be efficient you need to be consistent. While life allows for slacking here or there, consistency is ultimately what you need to succeed. Show up when you say you are going to, write the 10 pages of your novel per night and work on your business plan four days out of the week like you said you would. Not only does this help you to be efficient, but it does also help with productivity as well.

Tasks Part 1: Break up tasks

If you are someone who gets overwhelmed when having to complete a range of tasks, then drop the ball and becomes unproductive, then we might have a solution.

Look at your tasks holistically, then break them into manageable smaller tasks by priority. There are often various layers to tasks that require you to complete one thing before tackling another and if it is viewed holistically, it may be less overwhelming for you.

Tasks Part 2: Work on your tasks at the same time

Many people can crunch down and work through many tasks concurrently. Yet some individuals don’t even know they can do it. If you are of the lucky few, manage and complete your tasks side by side starting with the most pressing first, working your way down to the less stressful tasks.

Avoid doom scrollingAvoid doom scrolling

What is doom scrolling? It’s when you spend excessive time scrolling through social media and completely ignoring the long list of items you need to complete. We are all guilty of this one time or the other.

While social media does help to make us feel connected, putting your cell phone on silent or even turning it off while doing something, then being disciplined enough not to switch it back on, will help you overcome this time-wasting activity.

Take breaks

Contrary to widespread belief, productive individuals do not work like robots, they know when to unwind and take a break. After all, you need to take a break to function properly so do it.

Taking a reasonable amount of time to rest or relax can do wonders for your efficiency. Look at it this way, sometimes you get stuck doing your job but taking a healthy break to unwind does the trick to help you overcome those obstacles.

Use technology

We live in an incredible time where technology can transform your life to make it better. Use technology for that very purpose. Research apps and websites that allow you to organize your time, organize your life, and more.

Some tools help with time tracking. Always losing your notepad? There are apps for that. Even our cell phones come packed with organizational tools meant to make our lives easier.

Ways to be more efficient: organizationWays to be more efficient

The organization is exceedingly difficult for some, but it’s very important to be organized. A quote from Benjamin Franklin reads: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”. He was right.

You need to learn to prioritize your life, tasks, and goals. Planning might seem mundane, but it helps you to achieve the various targets you have set for yourself. This way you can also hold yourself accountable if you have not reached out or done anything.

Have boundaries

This is so important. Have clear boundaries. If you feel that taking on extra work is going to negatively affect your productivity, you have an obligation towards yourself to say no and to stick to it!

Add music

While some people work and do things well with white noise, others thrive when they can hear music in the background. Find out what works for you and use it. Chances are you are going to love it.

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