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5 Places to Visit in Andaman & Nicobar Other Than the Beaches

While Andaman and Nicobar Islands are popular honeymoon destinations because of their beautiful beaches and lovely resorts, those are not the only two things that the islands are famous for. Although the beaches are the main attractions and for all the right reasons.

The fresh blue waves washing up on the glittering white sand serves as a perfect contrast to the thick green forests covering the islands. While booking your Andaman Nicobar honeymoon package, you will find out that there is more to the islands than just the famous beaches and over-the-top fun water activities.

The islands are covered in thick forests, and the rich flora offers plenty of pretty places to visit. There are various famous landmarks, and each of them tells a specific story about the island’s history. Take some time out to see these wonderful places with your partner, and we can assure you that it will be just as exciting and fun as the rest of your trip. Here is a list of five places you should visit to know more about the Andaman & Nicobar.

Cellular Jail

The Cellular Jail, famously known as Kala Pani, was a colonial prison in Port Blair. After the Indian Rebellion of 1857, the British started using the Andaman and Nicobar Islands as a prison for the rebels. Starting at Ross Island, their brutality spread throughout the Islands, and they started constructing Cellular Jail in 1896 and finished by 1906.

Every one of the 696 cells was a solitary cell, so no inmate could even see other inmates’ faces, let alone talk to them. The bravest of our freedom fighters were thrown in here, their spirits demolished. The structure now serves as a national memorial monument.

Mount HarrietMount Harriet

The highest peak in South Andaman, Mount Harriet, is one of the many national parks in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and it serves as one of the main attractions. This is an adventurous place for the strong ones and a perfect opportunity for trek enthusiasts to go trekking on the 383 meters high peak. If you make it through, you will reach Madhuban, which has a beautiful beach. The thick canopy makes Mount Harriet a fun trekking site with many wildlife keeping the place alive. Bring your camera to take some fantastic photos.

Samudrika Marine Museum

Maintained by the Indian Navy, Samudrika Marine Museum takes you to the island’s past, to the time when various tribes used to live there. You can see the type of huts they built for themselves and their weapons for fishing and hunting. The museum is also a proud possessor of various corals and seashells. Any kind you can imagine, you will find it here. The skeleton of a gigantic blue whale was also recovered from Kamorta Island and is now encased in a glass in the museum’s center.

Limestone CavesLimestone Caves

Formed over millions of years, the limestone caves are a sight for any nature lover. Even though the journey to the caves is long and you have to start in the middle of the night, it is fun. You go from riding a car to a ferry to a speedboat and finally a few minutes of trekking.

The journey to the limestone caves is just as adventurous as the final destination. And we assure you the limestone caves are worth all of it. Shaped by nature and mostly untouched by human hands, there is something in the air of the limestone caves that you would not find anywhere else in the world.

Visit in Andaman & Nicobar: Ross Island

Ross Island serves as a reminder of one of the most horrible acts of the British during their rule. Established as a penal colony, Ross Island served as a prison for all the freedom fighters who tried to stand against the British. And while they suffered in the jails, the British made large mansions, tennis courts, hospitals, bakeries, and every other facility to make their lives comfortable, calling it “Paris of the East.”

It was wrecked by a massive earthquake in 1941, and the Japanese destroyed the rest in 1942. Today, the island serves as a dark reminder of the brutal past and never-ending punishments our brave freedom fighters endured.

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