Travel Destinations to Visit This Year
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The Top 5 Best Travel Destinations to Visit This Year

We’ve compiled a guide to the best travel destinations to place on your vacation itinerary this year. Check out our tips and plan your holiday getaway today.

2020 broke records for the lowest level of air travel in decades, and 2021 had its own share of pandemic bumps. But this year may finally be the year to plan those spring vacays and globetrotting adventures. If you’re ready to get inspired for your next trip, check out the top five best travel destinations for 2022.

QatarBest Travel Destinations to Visit This Year

Soccer fans already know where to travel this year. Qatar will be hosting FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in November and December, making it the first Arab country to hold the event.

Aside from watching soccer, tourists will fall in love with Qatar for its futuristic architecture and rich local culture. You’ll also find beautiful beaches perfect for water sports like parasailing and kitesurfing.

The BahamasThe Bahamas

If you’re looking for a destination a little closer to home, The Bahamas are one of the best places to travel.

Just south of Miami, Florida, The Bahamas offer stunning beaches across its 16 major islands, such as Eleuthera. Learn about some of the best things to do in the area. You can even share the water with the local swimming pigs!

There’s also plenty of wildlife, local food, and fun events to explore when visiting this tropical destination. If you’ve never visited, add it to your 2022 itinerary.


For an Asian escape, Japan is a favorite among travelers. Japan boasts modern cities like Tokyo alongside traditional getaways like Kyoto. And often, you can experience both the new and the old within the same city.

While Japan limited visitors during the 2020 Olympics (held in 2021 after delays), it may allow more tourists later this year. And because the country prepared new attractions and sights for would-be Olympic tourists, there’s so much to see and do that international visitors haven’t yet experienced.

GermanyEuropean ideas for travel

European ideas for travel destinations are often limited to crowded spots like Paris or London, overlooking the unique experiences places like Germany have to offer.

This year, skip the cliche spots and head to German cities like Berlin or Frankfurt. Or if you’re looking for time spent in nature, head to the Bavarian Alps, the Black Forest, or the Rhine Valley.

Germany has a lot to explore, from delicious food to historical castles. And from the lakes to the city streets, you’ll find that many German destinations look like they were taken straight from a storybook picture.


2022 is a big year for Egypt, marking the 100-year anniversary of independence and the discovery of Tutankhamun. Later this year, the country will open its Grand Egyptian Museum showcasing Tutankhamun artifacts, as well as other important archaeological pieces.

Outside of the museum, you can take in the area’s rich history in other ways, such as by visiting the Pyramids of Giza and the Abu Simbel Temples.

Egypt has a lot of amazing things and places you ought to visit if you’re planning on going on a tour to Egypt from the USA or from anywhere else in the world.

2022’s Best Travel Destinations

If you have your passport but you’re not sure where to go, consider one of the best travel destinations this year. From Europe to Asia, there are exciting destinations to explore in every corner of the globe. For even more travel inspiration, check out our other travel articles!

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