How Do You Make A Water Feature Look Natural?

Written By Alla Levin
April 25, 2022

How Do You Make A Water Feature Look Natural?

Adding water features to your landscape can have a profound effect. Waterfalls, ponds, and fountains add a special touch to a garden, elevating it from ordinary to extraordinary. You can relax by planting flowers, digging a vegetable garden, or even planting trees.

Conversely, after a long day at work, you can unwind even further by spending some time near a waterfall, fountain, or pond. A waterfall oasis can still be created even if you don’t have access to flowing water or a peaceful forest setting. Thus, Soothing Company is one of the best choices for helping you create your water feature to look more natural since it provides high-quality products for your garden at a reasonable cost.

Putting water features in your garden can seem like tremendous work and expense. There are simple ways to create an eye-catching water feature that doesn’t require gruesome labor. And all you have to do is read this and be informed. 

Brighten up the water feature area with flowers

Incorporating flowers around a fountain improves its visual appeal since they give color. Whether you want to use pots to encircle your fountain or add aquatic plants straight to it, it’s up to you. If you want a flower that will brighten and captivate your water feature, consider the Japanese iris, which is suitable for more extensive water features due to its ability to grow up to three feet tall and its enjoyment of being soaked. 

Include mosaics for a timeless effectMake A Water Feature Look Natural

For generations, people have decorated water fountains using mosaic tiles. If you add the tiles to your water feature, it will instantly be more natural, modern, and stylish. As proven in studies, you can make a fountain out of mosaic tiles by placing them on the ground and having the water come out of the floor. Even though you’ll need a lot of room and an artistic eye to pull this off, these fountains seem stunning from above.

Add a little zen to it 

The peacefulness of a cascading waterfall helps you relax after a long day of work. And adding a little zen to your water feature will make it more comfortable and create a wonderful atmosphere. It will have a natural appearance with a fantastic reflection of a fountain made of smooth, hand-cast concrete and a polished metal scupper that controls the flow of falling water. The concrete and metal interact; when light reflects off the water feature’s surfaces, it produces intriguing reflections.

Putting rocks and pebbles for an edgy look

Decorating a fountain with rocks and pebbles will soften the entire look of the water feature and help it combine with its surroundings. According to some studies, rock styling is most common in drier locations where grass and other vegetation may not survive.

In addition, it has gained popularity outside of desert locations. With pebbles and rocks surrounding your fountain, you can even use it as a water system for your plants, as they keep water close to the roots and shield them from damaging UV rays.

Make a water feature look natural: splash a color! 

A splash of bright color is undoubtedly a way to get attention to a fountain, even if the rest of the design is simple. It can also offer the character, shock value, or a touch of quirkiness to the landscape, making it stand out from the others. Bringing colors to your water feature, whether in the shape of steel blue irises, a modern red sculpture, or an Oriental mythology-inspired rainbow-colored dragon can completely transform its appearance.

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