Dryer Vent Cleaning Near Me: Causes of Dryer Fires and Prevention Measures

Written By Alla Levin
May 18, 2022

Dryer Vent Cleaning Near Me: Causes of Dryer Fires and Prevention Measures

Many house fires are reported yearly, most of which are caused by dirty dryers. Most homeowners do not consider dryer vent cleaning near me services; therefore, the lint accumulates on the dryer vents, causing the machine to become ineffective and overheat, hence fire hazards.

The good news is that dryer fires are easy to prevent. Homeowners should inspect their dryers to ensure they are working as they should and clean the lint. They should also check for any signs of overheating, which eventually lead to house fires. You should know a few things before getting dryer vent cleaning near me services.

Causes Of Dryer Fires: Mechanical And Electrical Failure

Any object that uses electricity to run and has moving parts can cause a fire. When there is too much friction in the machine and the dryer heats, it can result in a fire. Keeping an eye on your dryer to spot any failing parts is essential to reduce the chances of fires.

Improper Use

Did you read your dryer manufacturer’s recommendations on using the machine? Machine manufacturers state the weight the dryer can carry and the number of hours it can work non-stop. Failure to follow these instructions results in machine over-usage, causing some mechanical parts to break, hence a fire breakout.

Failure To Clean The Vents And Filters

Lint from the clothes collects in the vents and filters and blocks air circulation into the system. This causes the system to overheat. Since lint is highly flammable, the overheating machine can burst into a fire.

Carrying out dryer vent cleaning removes all the accumulated lint, ensuring there is no possibility of a fire breakout. If you don’t want to attempt this yourself, Pure Air is the number one dryer vent cleaning company in Maryland.

How To Prevent Dryer Fires

With so many home fires being caused by dirty dryers, knowing how to maintain and clean the dryers properly is essential. Ensure the following is done correctly.

Proper Installation

Although these machines seem easy to connect and start running, homeowners are encouraged to hire professional installers to do them. They know where each part should be fixed, which prevents the chances of the machine failing. They also ensure the correct current of electricity flows into the machine.

Clean The Dryer

Cleaning out dryer vent twice yearly is essential to remove any lint build-up. The cleaners will also inspect if the vent pipes are in the proper condition and advice the homeowner to replace those that are damaged.

Replace Damaged Parts

If your machine is overworked and some mechanical parts break, ensure you replace them. Continuing to work the dryer with broken parts can lead to overheating because of ineffectiveness, hence dryer fires. You should replace torn or broken ducts with higher-quality ones to ensure they last and not expose your family to dryer fires.

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