5 Simple Ways to Express Gratitude in Your Daily Life

Written By Alla Levin
July 11, 2018

Here are 5 simple ways to express gratitude in your daily life

It’s always important to take a step back and let those around you know how much you appreciate them.

Learning to express gratitude is an important part of being a happier person.

It promotes positivity and makes us more reflective while discouraging negative spirals when things go badly for us. It’s the attitude of people we acknowledge have with healthy attitudes toward life.

Join us, today, as we bring you five easy steps to showing more gratitude in your daily life.

A Gratitude Journal

A Gratitude Journal
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One of the biggest enemies of gratitude is forgetfulness. As humans, we tend to overlook or forget the times when things went right. The times when the traffic lights were green while we were late. The sunny mornings in the dead of winter.

One useful tool for expressing gratitude is to physically write down what happened in your day to be grateful for. Create a gratitude journal, either in an actual book or somewhere safe online. Every time something positive happens, make note of it – no matter how small it seems.

You’ll be surprised how many examples of gratitude you’ll find when you look. And just the act itself is enough to show your commitment to gratitude.

Reach Out and Touch Someone

thank you card maker

Of course, if you want to convey gratitude, the easiest way there is to make a simple gesture. These can be as elaborate as ordering someone’s childhood favorite candy and having it shipped to their home, or as easy as a thank you card.

Interested in the latter? Check out this fantastic thank you card maker, and find the perfect way to express your gratitude.

Simple Acts of Gratitude and Respect

Gratitude doesn’t always have to mean some grand gesture, however.

Sometimes, the most effective way to be grateful is to do something simple. If a family member recently helped you out of a tough situation, make a point to handle a few of their chores for a while. If someone at the office does a good turn by you, include them in your next coffee run, even if you usually go solo.

Hold the elevator door for a stranger. Buy a sandwich for someone homeless. Small acts of gratitude have a real impact on other people, and the gesture is likely to feel great for you, too.

Volunteer Work

Speaking of generosity that benefits the person doing it more than the one receiving it, volunteering is a great way to express gratitude.

Every major city in the world has opportunities to get involved. Whether you’re planting trees, cleaning a beach, or volunteering at an orphanage, the effect is the same. You’re putting someone else’s needs before your own, and that is an effective expression of gratitude.

Actively Stop Complaining

thank you card maker_3

Our last point today is a simple one, but incredibly useful in any journey toward showing more gratitude.

Stop complaining. You might not think you do, or that you do it too seldom for it to be a problem, but you can whittle away at your habit of complaining no matter the size. When you notice yourself complaining, actively stop, tell yourself to move on, and then do it without worrying about how justified you are.

People around you will notice. When you complain less, you seem less self-involved and, as a result, more grateful.

Learn To Express Gratitude In Your Daily Life

Life can get away from us, sometimes. We lose track of all the things we have to feel grateful for and, if things get too out of hand, we can often forget how to express gratitude as well.

Hopefully, you’ve reconnected with your gratitude in a meaningful way today. Looking for more awesome lifestyle and business content, covering a huge range of topics? Check out our other amazing blogs and start getting more out of life, today!

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