3 Reasons Image Background Could Be Lowering Likes

Written By Alla Levin
May 25, 2022

3 Reasons Image Background Could Be Lowering Your Likes

It is important to pay attention to the backgrounds of your images when posting on social media. Using the wrong background can lead to a decline in the number of likes you get, and this can hurt your social media marketing efforts.

There are many different approaches to image backgrounds, but it is generally accepted that cluttered backgrounds are poor for social media. Other aspects you should consider when designing the image backgrounds include the lines, patterns, minimalism, and frames.

Let’s look at some reasons why your image background could be lowering your likes.

It is Making Your Images Appear Less Professional

The image background can easily make your pictures look less professional, and this can discourage people from interacting with the posts. It is especially important to avoid using cluttered image backgrounds as these will always make your pictures look disorganized and unprofessional.

Using such images can also make it harder for your customers to determine the message behind the post. This can further lower the number of likes you get.

To make your messages clearer and more professional, you can try to make background transparent. You should note that professional image backgrounds are essential for small companies, as well as established corporations.

It is Preventing Potential Customers from Focusing on Core Elements of the Imagereasons image background could be lowering likes

Using the right image background can help users focus on the core elements of your images, and this will motivate more people to like the picture. You should consider whether you want your viewers to read the text on the picture or to see your logo and other graphics.

Whatever you consider a call to action should be easily visible in the picture. It is important to remember that there is a lot of competition out there, and distracting customers from the core elements of your images can be a major mistake.

They are Hard to View on Small Screens

Most people use their smartphones and tablets to scroll through social media sites, and this means you have to optimize the image backgrounds for small screens. When you optimize the backgrounds for smartphone and tablet screens, more people will be able to view them as they scroll through their feed.

This will increase the chances that you will get more likes. Optimizing the backgrounds for small screens will also allow users to get the message in an instant, and this will further increase the chances that they will interact with the post.

Reasons image background could be lowering likes: conclusion

Your image background could be lowering your likes in several ways. First, it could be making your images appear less professional. This can make people take your pictures less seriously. Another issue with poor backgrounds is that they prevent viewers from focusing on the core elements of your pictures.

Poor image backgrounds can also be extremely hard to view on smartphone and tablet screens. It is important to remember that most people now use their mobile devices to access Facebook and other social media sites, so it is essential to cater to their needs.

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