Should You Start A Podcast for Business

Written By Alla Levin
June 15, 2022
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Should You Start A Podcast for Business

For any business, marketing is among the vital and fundamental business activities. We cannot deny that sales play a crucial role in driving the business revenue. On the other hand, marketing gravitates the masses towards a brand and speaks to their purchasing decisions.

Marketing is the most outstanding catalyst to sales, and without adequate and innovative marketing, your venture will strive to stand the massive market competition.

The Podcast Marketing

Undoubtedly, podcast marketing presents incredible benefits that the business sector relies on. But before diving into the merits, here are some podcasting insights.

  • Firms that invest in business podcasts experience increased purchase intent;
  • The majority of US listeners give attention to podcast ads;
  • Over 35% of podcast listeners buy products streaming in podcasts;
  • A good number of podcast listeners believe that podcast ads are effective;

So what are the merits of the podcast for your business?

Podcasts Offer SEO-related BenefitsPodcasts Offer SEO-related Benefits

Serious marketers understand that podcast marketing offers lucrative SEO benefits. Usually, we link SEO and keyword optimization with articles, blog posts, and other landing pages. However, the same idea performs significantly in the case of the podcast. You can describe your podcast titles with keywords to optimize them. An SEO podcast enables you to boost your business’s online presence and enhance your website’s authority in search engines.

You cannot do much in business without establishing a robust digital presence. While you might already be into it, SEO podcasts can give you an upper hand and significantly boost your online marketing. On top of that, when clients flock to your website, they have the privilege of selecting the type of content they are comfortable with. Those who love reading blogs will have their way, just like podcast listeners, and all with relatable content.

Another benefit of SEO podcasts is the enhancement of your social media engagement. As already stated, podcasts offer an exaggerated sense of online authority and present your website more authentically.

Podcasts Are Convenient for Listeners

Podcasts need minimal effort to engage with than a written blog post. SEO Podcasts are not like videos or written articles you need to sit and read or watch. For podcasts, you only need to press the play button and listen. SEO podcast offers perfect content for those who love multitasking. Finding ample time to listen to podcasts is relatively more manageable since the process only seeks the client’s ear. We can learn as we play.

Podcasts Result in Higher EngagementPodcasts Result in Higher Engagement

Research shows that podcast listeners concentrate more than on other social media platforms. When your listeners are focusing, the level of podcast engagement also increases. Such trends play a vital role in your brand recognition and ambitions. When the audience finds your brand, they keep discovering more and more services and products from your site as the leads grow as people show an increased interest in what you offer.

The trick is to offer captivating and informative content through SEO podcasts and not produce only self-promoting content podcasts. If you can create podcasts addressing clients’ common questions, it will serve the purpose better. Keep experimenting with diverse information to identify what captivates your audience most.

Podcasts are Both Cost and Time Effective

Every marketer would love to engage in an affordable marketing strategy that doesn’t consume much time. For any marketing initiative undertaken by a given business, ROI is always at the top of the list.

In such a case, SEO podcast marketing strategy exceptionally feels the gap. It offers an alternative to the many available marketing strategies and tactics. The podcast is an excellent method for small ventures to reach a greater audience.

Podcasts are more time effective compared to making videos for marketing purposes. In summary, podcasts offer more excellent marketing merits, including a high ROI.


Podcasting has been a great strategy to humanize a brand, establish relations, and parade expertise for some time. But with current SEO podcast capabilities in 2022, its potential to rank business websites is expanding.

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