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Tips on Choosing the Right Hair Cut for You

Getting a haircut is something most men tend to enjoy. It gives them a new look, and since most men like to stick to the same style, it cements their look. A man generally goes to the barber fewer times than most women visit the salon, and whether you are shaving at home or in the barbershop, few men allow extra room for creativity in their hairstyles.

However, some men seem to know which style suits them, and even if you tell your barber to copy the same manner, you can’t seem to get it right. The trick is finding the right haircut for you, and this will save you some time the next time you go to the barbershop and can’t figure out precisely what you want. In this guide, you will know which style to pick based on your uniqueness.

Everything You Need To Know About Face Shape

Your face is the first place people look at once you meet. Your face can show your emotions, age, general disposition, and personality. Therefore, your face shape is integral to your overall looks. Since you cannot change your shape face, then the best option is to augment it with a great hairstyle.

The shape of your face will instantly dictate which hairstyle you can opt for just as much as it can dictate which eye shades to wear or whether you can look good in a hat or not. A face shape can be round, oval, diamond, heart, triangle, square or long. So here are a few pointers to consider when you go to the barbers.

Great Haircuts for Round Faceschoosing the right hair cut

Round faces are circular and with a more rounded chin. If you have a round face, what you will be looking for is some definition and angles. A squarer look will do great to add angles and definition to your face as it will sharpen any dull edges. If you have a beard, then you can consider squaring it to give it an illusion of an edge.

Hair Cut Options For Long Faces

A long face looks like a mashup of a square and an oblong/oval shape. Long faces have a lot of versatility when it comes to the barbers, and the first thing to consider is to drop any style that will make your face longer. This means you shouldn’t thin out your sides or try lengthening your beard by cutting it in a ‘v’ shape. You can add width by adding fringes or letting your hair fall to the sides.

Haircuts For Square Faces

Square faces are the quintessential picture of masculinity. The ultimate superhero face shape requires a great haircut to bring out the chiseled look that square faces are primed for. You can consider close fades and shorter layers.

If you prefer some stubble, then make sure you don’t overdo it because stubble might add that rough masculine appeal, but too much might make you look like a hobo. Keep in mind that if you go too short, then you risk looking like a Gi-joe, and that won’t do good for your appeal unless you want to be conscripted.

Consider Your Hair Typechoosing the right hair cut

Unfortunately, most men’s styling options are designed for Caucasian males. This is, however, changing as more attention is given to different hair types. Most Caucasians have fine hair texture, and men from other racial groups have medium to coarse texture. Each of these hair textures requires different styling and approaches.

How To Work Coarse Hair Texture

Coarse hair is hair with thicker strands. Some coarse hair is less dense than others, which must be considered when choosing a styling option. For rank and coarse hair, the best option is to do the least to it.

Adding any chemicals will spoil the entire look, and it will make it even harder to cut it later. If you prefer an afro, consider combing it thoroughly before trimming lightly at the top. However, if you are going for shorter hair, choosing the right clipper guard to set the hair length is an excellent place to start. Once you have cut the hair to the desired length, you can then remove the guard to set a nice fade on the sides.

Adding Texture to Fine and Medium Hair Texture

Sometimes your fine hair might need a bit more texture to make it workable. There are many viable styling options with textured hair as compared to more delicate hair. To add separation and definition, your barber will use a texturizing shear or block cutting technique to add different lengths to your hair.

The crop is one emerging trend that is popular with men and relatively easy to style. The covid-19 lockdowns prevented many people from going to the barbers, and the crop emerged as the go-to option for most men at home. Most of the styling is done on the front or the sides and therefore doesn’t need a lot of expertise.

Does Age Matter?Tips on Choosing the Right Hair Cut for You

Yes. Age matters a lot in hair styling. A style like a cropped fringe doesn’t work for older people as it does for younger men. As men age, they prefer styles that are easier to work even on their own, so anything that requires a lot of chemicals or styling immediately gives way to more straightforward techniques and styles.

The trick most barbers go for, which always works, is adding texture all over. The nightmare scenario in older men’s hair is thinning, and adding texture adds volume, thereby covering any thinning. The more texture you add to your hair as you grow older, the better you will look.

The other go-to trends are the sidecut and fade, which adds more versatility to your look. This goes well, especially if you add a great pair of spectacles or shades. This works great if your hair is grey with patches of black. However, with much coarse hair, a buzz cut will work wonders for your overall look.

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