Tips for Making an Important Announcement to Your Family

Written By Alla Levin
June 04, 2021

6 Tips for Making an Important Announcement to Your Family

Everyone loves announcements. But it’s safe to say that there are things that our family will not appreciate. You might’ve landed a sweet new job abroad, but that means announcing you’ll be living. So how do you make an important announcement to your family? Whether it’s about a job promotion or buying a new car, the way you deliver the announcement to your family is key.

In this article, we will look over the 6 tips on how to do just that.

Be Determined

Connecting to the previous point we made, there are certain things that our family will most likely not support. But this is still our decision, and you cannot let your family change your mind. Whenever needing to make an important announcement that your family won’t support, being determined is of utmost importance.

If you announce that you’re indeed leaving the country for work, announcing with poor confidence will only work against you. It will only give your family more encouragement to try and discourage you from leaving. If you’re having any doubt about the decision, it will make it much easier for them to change your mind.

Show Empathy

announcing your pregnancy to your family

Making an important life change can be quite difficult. You’re the one taking all the risk, so your family should respect your decision. But we all know that our families mean us no harm. They want the best for us, and they’ll love us till the end.

So what you should do when making an important announcement is show empathy. Your family will undoubtedly miss you and fear not seeing you for long periods, so you have to understand them as well. A big life change such as moving abroad for work might keep you away from home for years. So the last thing you want is to announce the decision without any regrets.

Gather Everyone

Many other announcements are quite fun and very exciting when moving past the doom and gloom of having to leave the country for work. And for the vast majority of people, it’s about announcing in the best possible way.

Regardless of what sort of news you’ll be delivered to your family, you have to gather them all in one place. Invite them over, go to your mom’s place, or perhaps send them a restaurant invitation. The venue isn’t important; what’s important is to gather everyone.

This doesn’t only have to be your family, and it could be any person you consider close. After all, who wouldn’t want to celebrate this important announcement with you? It’s all about celebrating the big and small things in life.

Deliver the News

Once you’ve got everyone in one place, no doubt there will be plenty of questions. Why is everyone here? What’s this so-called important announcement? You’ll be asked plenty of questions but don’t cave in. Wait for the perfect moment and make your big announcement.

If the news you’re delivering is quite big, what better way to do that than to build tension and excitement first. This is especially important if you’re announcing your pregnancy to your family. Since you’re carrying a child, what better way to deliver the news to your family and closest friends than with a dose of tension and excitement.

Get Creativecarrying a child

While no doubt many of you will be perfectly satisfied with words, many others will want to dazzle the crowd when making the announcement.

If you’re delivering the news of your pregnancy, boy, do you have options? Luckily for you, there are all kinds of ways to deliver exciting news to your friends and family. Considering that perfection is something that many strive for, we know just how to deliver important news perfectly.

You can make personalized baby rompers for each family member that hints at the news. For your parents, come up with personalized messages such as “I Love Grandma & Grandpa.” You can print similar messages on everyone’s romper, baby beanie, dummy, and even a cuddly toy. The important this is to gift-wrap these presents and make everyone in the family open them simultaneously.

Create A Theme

If you want to make things even more interesting, you could create a theme and turn a simple announcement into a full-on party. Announcement parties are some of the best ways to deliver exciting news to the people you love. And the best thing about them, they work for any announcement. But before all that, you have to create a theme based on what you’re announcing.

If you’re announcing your pregnancy, then come up with a baby theme of some sort. If you’re announcing the news that you’ve bought a new house, then come up with a cool theme that revolves around that. Regardless of what the news is, turn it into an unforgettable family experience.

Announcement to Your Family: Finishing Thoughts

You might feel overwhelmed by the prospect of delivering exciting news to your family. Since we’re meant to share these moments with loved ones, what better way to announce than to turn it into a spectacle?

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